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Geographical Coverage

There exist many different definitions of ‘the Arctic’, based on physical-geographical characteristics or on political and administrative considerations within different countries. No simple delineation of the Arctic region is applicable for the purposes of the AMAP assessment work.

In order to establish a geographical context for its assessments AMAP has defined a regional extent based on a compromise among various definitions. The 'AMAP area' essentially includes the terrestrial and marine areas north of the Arctic Circle (66°32’N), and north of 62°N in Asia and 60°N in North America, modified to include the marine areas north of the Aleutian chain, Hudson Bay, and parts of the North Atlantic Ocean including the Labrador Sea.

AMAP area


Within the AMAP area, 10 ‘key areas’ have been identified that are a special focus for coordinated and harmonized monitoring and research activities.


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