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Ordering Information

You can order copies of the English language version of the reports using the form below. However, before submitting this form, please note that copies of the report have been shipped to AMAP national contact points for national distribution. You may wish to first contact your national contact to see if you can obtain copies directly and/or free of charge, however, some countries may only have a very limited stock available.

For information concerning availability of foreign language versions of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (Overview report), Arctic Pollution 2002, or Arctic Pollution Issues: A State of the Arctic Environment Report, or in case of difficulties or any other questions relating to ordering of these reports or other AMAP publications, please contact the AMAP Secretariat (fax: +47 22 67 67 06; tel. +47 23 24 16 35)

Available reports

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
(ACIA 2004)
2002 Radioactivity Report
(AAR 2002)
2002 Influence of Global Climate on Contaminant Pathways Report
(AAR 2002)
2002 Human Health Report
(AAR 2002)
2002 Persistent Organic Pollutants Report
(AAR 2002)


Arctic Pollution 2002
(SOAER 2002)
AMAP Assessment Report: Arctic Pollution Issues
(AAR 1998)
Arctic Pollution Issues: A State of the Arctic Environment Report
(SOAER 1997)

Links to electronic versions and descriptions of the AMAP assessment reports can be found under General Public Reports (SOAERs) and Scientific Background Reports (AARs).

National contact points:

Canada: Russel Shearer Denmark/Greenland: Morten Olsen
Finland: Outi Mähönen Iceland: Helgi Jensson
Norway: Gunnar Futsæter Sweden: Cynthia de Wit
Russia: Yuri S. Tsaturov USA: John Calder

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