Meeting Schedule / Meetings 2001
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Meeting Schedule 2001
January 22-24 Arctic GIS meeting, Seattle
January 29-31 ACIA Scenario Workshop, Stockholm
February 5-9 AMAP Radioactivity experts group meeting, Brussels
February 5-9 UNEP Governing Council meeting, Nairobi
February 8 OSPAR/ICES environmental data workshop, Copenhagen
February 22-24 IPS Stakeholders Seminar, Copenhagen
February 26-27 PTS Project Steering Group meeting, Moscow
March 14-16 AMAP Human Health editorial group meeting, Aarhus
April 1-4 ENVINET meeting, Interlaken
April 2-3 ACAP meeting, Oslo
April 5-6 SDWG / AC-WG Chairs meeting Rovaniemi
April 11-14 RAIPON IP Congress, Moscow
April 19-21 ASC / AMAP Board meetings, Reykjavik
April 23-27 IASC Arctic Summit, Iqaluit
May 6-10 AMAP Human Health Expert Group meeting, Svalbard
May 14-16 Second Brominated Flame Retardants Workshop, Stockholm
May 28-30 ACIA Workshop, Russian Climate Research and Monitoring Programmes, St. Petersburg
June 6-8 AMAP Radioactivity Experts Group meeting, Rovaniemi
June 11 AEPS 10th Anniversary meeting, Rovaniemi
June 12-13 SAO meeting, Rovaniemi
June 12-15 EMEP/AMAP (US-EPA) Workshop on Photooxidants, Particles, and Haze across the Arctic and North Atlantic: Transport Observations and Models, New York
June 18-22 AMAP Heavy Metals Expert Group workshop/drafting meeting, McLean, Virginia
August 22-24 AMAP Workshop on Emissions, Sources and Scenarios, Kjeller
August 27-30 ASG/Experts (Cross-fertilization) meeting, Stockholm
August 30 AMAP Heads of Delegation meeting, Stockholm
August 31 AMAP/CAFF ACIA coordination meeting, Stockholm
September 3-7 Radioactivity Conference, France
September 9-14 Dioxins Conference, Korea
September 25-27 Canadian Northern Contaminants Programme meeting, Calgary
October 2-4 AMAP Human Health Experts Group meeting, Aarhus
October 15-19 AMAP Radioactivity Experts Group meeting, Oslo
October 15-19 Mercury Conference, Minimata
November 6-7 SAO meeting, Espoo
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