Meeting Schedule / Meetings 2002
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Meeting Schedule 2002
January 13-16 ENVINET meeting, Dunstafnage
January 21-24 AMAP Conference and Workshop: Impacts of POPs and mercury on Arctic environments and humans, Tromso
April SAO meeting, Oulu
30 April-3 May AMAP WG meeting, Faroe Islands
June 16-20 Fifth International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity in the Arctic and Antarctic, St. Petersburg
September 1-5 International Conference on Radioactivity in the Environment, Monaco
September 2-11 Rio+10, South Africa
October 1-4 Second AMAP International Symposium on Environmental Pollution in the Arctic, Rovaniemi
October 7-9 SAO meeting, Inari/Saariselka
October 9-10 Third Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, Inari/Saariselka
November Symposium on Contaminants in the Canadian Arctic, Canada
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