Meeting Schedule / Meetings 2003
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Meeting Schedule 2003
January 13-16 PTS Project Steering Group Meeting, Moscow
February 24-28 Conference on Arctic-Alpine Ecosystems and People in a Changing Environment (incorporating ENVINET Workshop, 27 February), Tromso, Norway
March 4-7 Northern Contaminants Program Symposium on Contaminants in the Canadian Arctic, Ottawa, Canada For further information contact the NCP website at:

or contact: Jennifer Baizana ( tel: +1 (819) 953-8109, fax: +1 (819) 953-9066
March 11-12 ACAP PCB Project Steering Group Meeting, Oslo
March 11-19 World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan
March 13-14 ACAP Steering Committee Meeting, Oslo
March 17-19 UN ECE POPs Meeting, Oslo
March 17-21 British-Dutch Polar Research Consultative Meeting, Wilton Park, United Kingdom
March 18-19 ACAP Obsolete Pesticides Project, Steering Group Meeting, Moscow
March 18-20 UNEP Regional Based Assessment (RBA) Global Priority Setting Meeting, Geneva
March 20-21 UN ECE (LRTAP) First Meeting - Expert Group on Heavy Metals, Geneva
March 20-21 ACAP Dioxins/Furans Project, Steering Group Meeting, Moscow
March 20-21 ECETOC/EuroChlor Scientific Workshop on the Availability, Interpretation and Use of Environmental Monitoring Data, Brussels
March 24-27 UN ECE Workshop on Global Monitoring Programme on POPs, Geneva
March 28-30 ACIA Policy Document: Scoping Workshop, Durham, New Hampshire, USA
March 31-April 4 IASC Arctic Science Summit Week, Kiruna, Sweden
April 9-10 SAO Meeting, Reykjavik
April 23-25 AMAP Human Health Expert Group Meeting, Kiruna, Sweden
 May 12-14 17th AMAP WG meeting, Boulder, Co., USA
May 27-28 ACIA Policy Document Drafting Group Meeting, Copenhagen
August 5-7 Arctic Coucil ACIA Consultative Meeting, Svalbard
August 25- Dioxins Conference (and Pre-Conference Workshop on Brominated Flame Retardants, 22-23 August), USA
September 10-11 ACAP Obsolete Chemicals Project Steering Group Meeting, Moscow
September 10-11 ACAP Mercury Project: 3rd Russian Mercury Inventory Workshop, Moscow
October 7-9 ACIA Policy Document Drafting Group Meeting, London
October 9-10 ACAP Steering Group Meeting, Oslo
October 14-17 ACIA Steering Group Meeting, London
October 20-22 Workshop on Arctic Marine Strategic Plan, Reykjavik
November 11-12  ACAP Mercury Project Steering Group Meeting, Moscow?
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