Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule 2004
January 22-23 AMAP Acidifcation Assessment Expert Group Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
January 27-28 AMAP Petroleum hydrocarbons Assessment Expert Group Meeting, Washington DC, USA
January 28-29 ACAP BFR Expert Meeting, Oslo
January 29-30 ACIA Steering Group Meeting, Washington DC
February 5-6 EU/EEA Marine Strategy, Second EMMA group Meeting, Copenhagen
February 17 EU/EEA Marine Strategy, First SGO group Meeting, Brussels
February 17-20 ACAP Mercury Project Steering Group Meeting, Moscow

ACAP PCB Project Steering Group Meeting, Moscow

March 1-3 UN ECE First meeting of the Task Force on POPs, the Hague
March 15-16 Canada-EU Symosium: Environmental Assessment, Climate Change and Policy Implications in the Arctic, Brussels
March 22-24 ACIA Steering Group Meeting, Copenhagen
March 22-25 Workshop: Monitoring Contaminants in the Northern Seas, Tromsø
March 29-30 NCM Mercury Workshop, Brussels
March 31-April 1 UN ECE Second meeting of the Task Force on Metals, Brussels
April (5)6-7 EU/EEA Marine Strategy, EMMA Assessment methodology Workshop, Athens
April 13 Informal meeting on use of GIS in the work of the Arctic Council WGs, Oslo, Norway
April 14-16 18th AMAP WG Meeting and Joint AMAP/CAFF Working Group Meeting, Oslo, Norway
April 21-28 IASC Arctic Science Summit Week, Reykjavik
May 4-5 Senior Arctic Officials (SAO) Meeting, Selfoss, Iceland
May 24-26 AMAP Human health expert group meeting, Washington D.C.
May 31 - June 1 UN ECE Second meeting of the Task Force on POPs, Prague
June 2-4 Nordic Conference - Ocean Strategies: Integrated management of the marine environment, Reykjavik
June 9-10 UNEP-Chemicals (Stockholm Convention) meeting on PCB management and disposal.
June 16-18 Workshop on Radiation and Environmental Safety in NW Russia: Use of impact assessment and risk information, Moscow
June 22-24 EU/EEA Marine Strategy, Third EMMA group Meeting, Copenhagen
August 8-10 AMAP Assessment Steering Group - Oil and Gas Assessment, Oslo
September 2 Arctic Marine Strategic Plan meeting, the Hague
September AMAP Radioactivity expert group meeting
September AMAP Human health expert group meeting, Vancouver
September Canadian Northern Contaminants Programme meeting, Vancouver
October 4-5 ACAP Mercury Project Steering Group meeting, Helsinki
October 6-7 ACAP Steering Committee meeting, Helsinki
November 9-12 Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) Symposium, Reykjavik
November 22-23 Senior Arctic Officials (SAO) Meeting, Reykjavik
November 24  Fourth Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, Reykjavik
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