Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule 2005
January 10-12 OASIS project meeting, Rome, Italy
January 26-27 Barents Euro-Arctic meeting, Oulu, Finland
February 7-11 Alaska Forum on the Environment 2005, and Arctic Observation Network meeting, Anchorage
February 8-9 ACAP BFR project Expert Meeting, Oslo, Norway
February 8-9 EMMA (European Marine Monitoring and Assessment), Copenhagen, Denmark
February 16-18 AMAP Oil and Gas Assessment Expert Group Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
February 17-18 AMAP Extended Board Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
February 22-24 Ny-Alesund Scientific Seminar, Tokyo, Japan
February 28 - March 1 UN ECE POPs TF Informal Meeting, Rome, Italy
March 10-11 IPY Open Consultative Forum, Paris, France
March 14-18 AMAP Acidification Assessment Expert Group Meeting, Kilpisjarvi, Finland
March 30 - April 1 Press conference in connection with the release of the Russian version of the ACIA Overview report, and Workshop on Climate Research and Monitoring, St. Petersburg, Russia
April 6-7 SAO meeting, Yakutia, Russia
April 7 IPY Human health project meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 10-12 Arctic Observing Network meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 18-20 AMAP Human Health Expert Group meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia
May 18-21 IPY COMAAR project meeting, Abisko, Sweden
May 24-26 AMAP Radioactivity Expert Group meeting, Stockholm, Sweden
May 31 - June 1 EMMA (European Marine Monitoring and Assessment), Copenhagen, Denmark
June 1-3 UN ECE Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution, Brussels
June 2-3 UN ECE Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Geneva
June 9-10 Arctic Portal workshop, Cambridge, United Kingdom
June 13-17 ICES Advisory Committee meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 15-17 AMAP Workshop on ACIA Follow-up, Oslo, Norway
June 20-23 Oil and Gas Assessment drafting group meeting, Washington DC, USA
July 13 EU Maritime Policy Conference, Brussels
August 25 AMAP POPs Expert Group meeting (in connection with Dioxin 05 Conference), Toronto, Canada
August 25-26 ACAP PCB Project Steering Group meeting, Moscow
August 29-31 Second Workshop on Mercury Research in Polar Regions, Toronto, Canada
August 30-31 Barents Council meeting, Helsinki, Finland
August 30-September 1 ACAP Obsolete Pesticides Project Steering Group meeting, Tomsk, Russia
September 5-7 EMEP Steering Body, Geneva
September 5-9 CAFF meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom
September 6-9 AON meeting, Washington DC, USA
September 8-9 SDWG ITC meeting, Yllas, Finland
September 13-15 AMAP Oil and Gas Symposium (and AC OGA drafting group meeting), St Petersburg, Russia (Symposium Brochure, Information for Participants, etc)
September 15-16 ACAP Hg Project Steering Group Meeting, Ottawa
September 12,13,16 19th AMAP WG meeting, St Petersburg, Russia
September 16-17 AMAP Human Health Expert Group Meeting (in connection with ISEE meeting), Johannesburg, South Africa
September 19-20 PAME meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
September 20-21 ACAP Steering Group, Moscow, Russia
September 21 Focal Point (ACIA follow-up) - second meeting, Oslo, Norway
September 27-29 Northern Contaminants Programme Results Workshop, Victoria BC, Canada
October 2-6 The 2nd International Conference on Radioactivity in the Environment & 6th International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity in the Arctic and the Antarctic, Nice (second announcement (PDF) and registration form (PDF))
October 4-5 ACAP BFR Project Expert Meeting, Oslo
October 10-11 SDWG meeting, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
October 12-13 SAO meeting, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
October 12-13 AMAP Acidification Assessment drafting group meeting, (Tromso, Norway OR Helsinki, Finland)
October 18-19 Barents Environmental Ministers Conference, Rovaniemi, Finland
November 1-2 EANET-AMAP Seminar, Moscow, Russia
November 10-12 ICARP II - Second International Conference on Arctic Research Planning, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 11 Focal Point (ACIA follow-up) meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 13-16 International Environmental Specimen Banking Symposium, Charleston, USA
November 17 Norway-Russia Arctic Offshore Workshop, Moscow, Russia
November 21-23 National presentation of Monitoring/Research Plans, Oslo, Norway
November 23 National Workshop on Mercury Research in the Arctic, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 28-December 3 Workshop on Climate and Changing Pathways of Arctic Marine Pollution, Tromso, Norway
November 28-December 9 UN Climate Change Conference (COP11 and COP/MOP 1), Montreal, Canada
December 12-15 UN ECE LRTAP Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
December 13 Meeting on Franz Josef Land Project, Moscow, Russia

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