Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule 2006
January 16-17 Seminar CPMR North Sea Commission “ Europe of the Sea”, Bergen, Norway
January 24 Franz Josef Land project kick-off meeting, Moscow, Russia
January 24-26 AMAP Radioactivity Expert Group meeting, California, USA
January 26 ACAP PCB project SG meeting, Moscow, Russia
January 30-31 UN ECE Task Force on International Contaminant Transport Modelling Workshop, Washington DC, USA
February 6-7 UN ECE POPs Task Force meeting, Dessau, Germany
February 8-9 Russia Offshore 2006 Conference, Moscow, Russia
February 8-10 UN ECE Heavy Metals Task Force meeting, Dessau, Germany
February 13-15 CAFF RAPs meeting Helsinki, Finland (possible AMAP Board meeting)
February 14 AMAP–IPY Coordination meeting, Oslo, Norway
February 15-16 AMAP Climate and UV Expert Group (first) meeting, Oslo, Norway
February 21-23 Symposium 'The Greenlandic Environment: Pollution and Solutions', Sisimiut, Greenland
February 21-23 IPS Seminar, Hundested, Denmark
February 24 Focal Point (ACIA Follow-up) meeting, Moscow, Russia
March 1-2 PAME WG meeting, Oslo, Norway
March 1-4 IPY Data Management Workshop, Cambridge, United Kingdom
March 6-8 AMAP POPs Expert Group meeting, Burlington, Canada
March 6-8 ad hoc AMAP mercury experts sub-group meeting, Burlington, Canada
March 6-11 'Vulnerable Arctic' Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium
March 9-10 ACAP Mercury Project SG meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 13-14 SDWG Workshop, Salekhard, Russia
March 14-17 UNEP Consultation Meeting on Arrangements for Effectiveness Evaluation (article 16) of the Stockholm Convention, Bangkok, Thailand
March 15-16 SDWG Meeting, Salekhard, Russia
March 16-22 Fourth World Water Forum, Mexico City, , Mexico
March 21-22 IPY COPOL Project Workshop, Wageningen, Netherlands
March 22-24 IPY ATMOPOL Project Workshop, Kjeller, Norway
March 23-24 IPY BIRDHEALTH Project Workshop, Wageningen, Netherlands
March 22-29 ASSW, Potsdam, Germany
March 26 Focal Point (ACIA Follow-up) meeting, Potsdam, Germany
March 27-28 ACAP BFR Project SG meeting, Oslo, Norway
March 27-31 ICES WGEAM meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 29-30 ACAP SG, Copenhagen, Denmark
April 3-4 EMMA (European Marine Monitoring and Assessment) meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
April 5-7 Oil and Gas Assessment SG meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
April 6-7 AMAP HoDs meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
April 24 Carnegei Moscow Centre - Round table discussions on Oil and Gas assessment, Moscow, Russia
April 24-25 Seventh Nordic-Baltic Conference on Environmental Health, Copenhagen, Denmark
April 26-27 SAO meeting, Syktyvar, Komi Republic, Russia
May 2-6 Stockholm Convention COP2, Geneva, Switzerland
May 7-11 SETAC Europe, The Hague, Netherlands
May 9-10 AMAP/IASC Symposium on Health and Contaminants, Reykjavik, Iceland
May 10 Danish National workshop on Climate Change in the Arctic, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 11-12 AMAP Human Health Expert Group meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland
May 21-25 Fifth International Conference on Contaminants in Freexing Ground, Oslo, Norway
May 23-24 BEAC Working Group, Moscow, Russia
May 23-26 IAIA 2006 Symposium: 'Power, Poverty and Sustainability': The Role of Impact Assessment International Conference, Stavanger, Norway
June 6-8 UN ECE Hemisperic Transport Task Force second meeting, Moscow, Russia
June 6-8 CAFF Working Group XI, Yllas, Finland
June 12-13 IPIECA/OGA Workshop on Oil and Gas and Biodiversity, Tromso, Norway
June 10-12 Seventh Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region, Kiruna, Sweden
June 12-14 UN ECE Working Group on Environmental Monitoring, Geneva, Switzerland
June 12-16 13th International Congress on Circumpolar Health, Novosibirsk, Russia
June 20-21 Joint EU/WWF/AMAP Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
June 26-27 ACIA Adaptation Workshop, Oslo, Norway
June 28-30 20th AMAP WG meeting, Stockholm, Sweden
July 10-12 Oil and Gas Assessment SG meeting, the Hague, Netherlands
July 12-13 EECCA NGO Workshop on Stockholm Convention Strengthening, Moscow, Russia
August 6-11 Mercury 2006: Conference on mercury as a global pollutant, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
August 12-18 Arctic Change and Coastal Communities, Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
August 21-25 Dioxin 2006, Oslo, Norway
August 22-25 Oil Northern Seas (ONS), Stavanger, Norway
August 28-30 Third International Conference on the Role of Permafrost Ecosystems in Global Climate Change, Yakutsk, Russia
August 29-30 PAME WG 2006/II meeting, Murmansk, Russia
September 2-6 International Conference on Environmental Epidemiology & Exposure, Paris, France
September 4-5 Focal Point (ACIA Follow-up) meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
September 4-6 EMEP Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
September 6 EU Climate Change Programme WGII, Brussels, Belgium
September 7-8 SDWG WG Meeting, Moscow, Russia
September 10-11 SliCa Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
September 11-12 Symposium on North Atlantic Climate and Ecosystems - A Current Threat?, Reykjavik, Iceland
September 12-14 ACAP Steering Group Meeting, Halifax, Canada
September 12-14 Oil and Gas Assessment SG meeting, Victoria, Canada
September 18-19 (tentative) SAO meeting
September 19-23 ICES Annual Science Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands
September 21-23 Multilateral environmental agreements and their relevance to the Arctic, GRID-Arendal, Arendal, Norway
Autumn (time to be decided) Joint AMAP/CAFF Workshop on Monitoring, Washington DC, USA (postponed from May)
October 9-12 First meeting of TWG on the UNEP Stockholm Convention Effectiveness Evaluation Brno, Czech Republic
October 18-20 UN ECE Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution - Workshop on Emissions Inventories and Projections for Assessing Intercontinental Transport , Beijing, China
October 22-26 6th Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD) Workshop, Groningen, Netherlands
October 24-26 AMAP Human Health Expert Group meeting, Faroe Islands
October 24-25 SAO meeting, Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region, Russia
October 26 Arctic Council Ministerial meeting, Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region, Russia
October 30-November 3 (tentative) AMAP Mercury Expert Group meeting and Workshop on Assessment of mercury trend datasets, Stockholm, Sweden
October 30-November 2 AMAP Radioactivity Expert Group meeting, Helsinki, Finland
November 1-2 Arctic-HYCOS meeting, St Petersburg, Russia
November 1-3

From Arctic to Baltic: Nordic Marine Science Conference, Oslo, Norway

November 2-3 2nd Workshop on Information Warehouse of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the East Asian Countries, Seoul, Republic of Korea
November 15-17 Oil & Gas of Arctic Shelf: 2006 International Conference, Murmansk, Russia
November 19-21 ICARP Implementation Workshop, Potsdam, Germany
November 27-29 UN ECE Monitoring and Assessment Group meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
November 28-29 GEOS meeting, Bonn, Germany
November 27-December 1 CAFF CBMP meeting, Anchorage, USA
December 4-5 EU 6FP Democles project meeting, Bremen, Germany
December 4-8

UNEP Stockholm Convention - Expert meeting to revise the 2004 UNEP GMP Guidance document, Geneva, Switzerland

December 11-14 UN ECE LRTAP Executive Body meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
December 11-13 Northern Contaminants Programme meeting, Victoria BC, Canada
December 13-15 ArcticNet meeting, Victoria BC, Canada
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