Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule 2007
January 11 Meeting of advisory group for 2008 EEA report on impacts of climate change in Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark
January 17 AC Confernece on the Northern Dimension, Finland
January 21-26 'Arctic Frontier' Symposium, Tromso, Norway
January 22-23 First IGBP/WCRP Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Initiative Workshop, Genva, Switzerland
January 22-23 AC WG Chairs meeting, Tromso, Norway
January 24-26 Joint TF HTAP & WMO Workshop on Integrated Observations for Assessing Hemispheric Air Pollution, Genva, Switzerland
January 27 TF HTAP Model Intercomparison Meeting, Genva, Switzerland
January 29 - February 2 Second meeting of the provisional ad hoc technical working group to the Stockholm Convention GMP, Geneva, Switzerland
February AC Workshop on Ecosystem-based Management, Tromso, Norway
February 14-16 OSPAR technical group meeting on CO2 storage in subseabed geological formations, Rijswijk, Netherlands
February 26 European Polar Board - IPY Launch, Strasbourg, France
February 24-25 Informal SAON consultation, Tromso, Norway
February 27-28 and 1 March AMAP/IASC/CLiC Arctic Carbon Cycle Workshop (and drafting team meeting - 1 March), Seattle, USA
March 5-6 International Symposium on 'Polar climate and environment: The challenges - European research in the context of the International Polar Year', Brussels, Belgium
March 6-7 PAME meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 12-14 21st AMAP WG meeting, Hanover NH, USA
March 13-18 Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), Hanover NH, USA
March 27-28 ACAP meeting, Oslo, Norway
April 10-12 SDWG meeting, Tromso, Norway
April 12-13 SAO meeting, Tromso, Norway
April 16-18 Conference on 'Knowledge and Power in the Arctic', Rovaneimi, Finland
April 17-18 EMMA Workshop - Developing a monitoring and reporting framework, Copenhagen, Denmark
April 22-24 IUCN meeting, Banff, Canada
April 23-26 EPPR meeting, Svalbard, Norway
April 24-27 Fourth International Workshop on Brominated Flame Retardants, Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 30 - May 4 Third meeting of the COP of the Stockholm Convention, Senegal
May 7-10 AMAP Human Health Expert Group meeting, Lofoten, Norway
May 7-11 GESAMP meeting, Paris, France
May 10 Danish Workshop on Climate Change in the Arctic, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 14-16 AMAP Downscaling Workshop, Oslo, Norway
May 14-16

International Congress: REACH, in silico methods in toxicology and contaminants in the Arctic , Oulu, Finland

May 30-31 EMMA (European Marine Monitoring and Assessment) - European Marine Strategy meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 30-June 1 Third TF HTAP Meeting, London, United Kingdom
June 4-6 UN ECE Task Force on POPs, Vienna, Austria
June 6-8 UN ECE Task Force on Heavy Metals, Vienna, Austria
June 12-14 First International Congress on Fundemental and Applied Problems of Nutrition, St. Petersburg, Russia (invitation letter)
June 14-16 SAON Initiating Group meeting-2, Stockholm, Sweden
June 14-16 Workshop on Environmental Contamination in Antarctica, Venice, Italy
June 27-28 SDWG/AMAP Health Cluster Workshop, Ottawa, Canada
July 3 Adaptating to Climate Change: The European Dimension, Brussels, Belgium
July 31-August 3 GEF 4th Biennial International Waters Conference, Cape Town, South Africa
September 3-5 International Conference on Arctic Margins (ICAM 5), Tromso, Norway
September 3-6 Third International Conference on Water and Climate, Helsinki, Finland
September 11-13 RAO/CIS Offshore 2007, St. Petersburg, Russia
September 17-19 AMAP HoDs and AMAP Climate Expert Group meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
September 17-21 ICES Annual Science Conference, Helsinki, Finland
September 24-25 Nordic Workshop: Environmental Screening and Risk Assessment, Landskrona, Sweden
October 1-3 LOICZ-IASC-AMAP Workshop on Arctic Coastal Zones at Risk, Tromso, Norway
October 2-4 15th Annual Northern Contaminants Programme Results Workshop, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
October 10-13 International Conference: Large Marine Ecosystems of Russia in the Epoch of Global Changes, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
October 14-18 ConocoPhillips sponsored Arctic Environmental Knowledge Sharing Seminar, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada
October 15-17 Stockholm Convention: Central and Eastern Europe - ROG Inception Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic
October 15-18 Arctic Energy Summit, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
October 17-19 TF HTAP's Workshop on Global and Regional Modeling for Assessing Hemispheric Air Pollution, Juelich, Germany
October 22-23 NOAA/NASA Climate Infomration Responding to User Needs meeting, University of Maryland, USA
October 23-25 Oil and Gas Best Practises Symposium, Inuvik, Canada
October 26-November 5 PICES Sixteenth Annual Meeting: The changing North Pacific: Previous patterns, future projections, and ecosystem impacts, Victoria, Canada
October 29-31 AMAP Mercury Experts Group Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
October 30-November 1 SDWG meeting, Vadsø , Norway
November 12-14 SAON Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden
November 12-14 UNEP Open-ended Working Group on Mercury meeting, Bangkok, Thailand
November 20-23 ICES Symposium: Environmental Indicators, London, United Kingdom
November 28-29 SAO meeting, Narvik, Norway
December 10-14 International Polar Year - American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA
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