Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule 2008
January 7-9 AMAP POPs Effects Workshop and IPY BearHealth Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
January 15-18 AMAP NCM Climate and Contaminants (15-16) and EU FP7 (17-18) project workshops, Oslo, Norway
January 20-25 Arctic Frontieres Conference, Tromsø, Norway (website, programme and call for papers)
January 25 AC Working Group Chairs meeting, Tromsø, Norway
February 6-7 Russia Offshore 2008, 3rd Annual meeting, Moscow, Russia
February 11-15 Alaskan Forum (sessions on oil and gas; climate and human health), Anchorage, USA
February 13-14 EPPR/AMAP Workshop on Circumpolar Mapping, Horten, Norway
February 19-20 AMAP Cryosphere Project Workshop (Hydrology and Galciers and Ice-sheets sub-projects), St. Petersburg, Russia
February 20-21 Permafrost Expert Consultation Workshop, Potsdam, Germany
February 21 ACAP Mercury Project Steering Group meeting, Moscow, Russia
February 22 AMAP Cryosphere Project Workshop (Permafrost and Snow sub-projects), Potsdam, Germany
February 22 International Seminar on Global Mercury Emissions Inventory Kjeller, Norway
March 2-7 2008 ASLO Ocean Science meeting, Orlando, USA
March 3-5 AMAP POPs Expert Group meeting, Charleston, USA
March 4 ACAP Working Group meeting, Moscow, Russia
March 5-7 38th American Arctic Workshop, Boulder, USA
March 17-18 4th EU NORMAN (integrated chemical and biomonitoring strategies for risk assessment of emerging substances) project meeting, Lyon, France
March ?? Arctic Forum on Global Change, Kiruna, Sweden
March 26 - April 2 Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), Salekhard, Russia
March 27-28 Workshop on Unmanned Aircraft for Environmental Monitoring in the Arctic, Stockholm, Sweden
April 1-3 UNEP Chemicals Mercury Partnership Stakeholders Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
April 7-11 TF HTAP meeting, Rome, Italy
April 9-10 Second SAON workshop, Edmonton, Canada
April 11-12 AMAP Cryosphere Project Workshop (Greenland Ice-Sheet sub-project), Copenhagen, Denmark
April 13-18 European Geophysical Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria
April 23-24 SAO meeting, Svolvaer, Norway
May 5-7 'After the Melt': International Conference on Ecological Responses to Arctic Climate Change Aarhus, Denmark
May 5-10 NATO-Russia Advance Research Workshop: Influence of Climate Change on Arctic and Subarctic Changing Conditions, Liege, Belgium
May 8-9 Workshop on Non-CO2 drivers of Climate Change, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 7-10 AMAP Human Health Assessment Group meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 12-16 International Network of Circumpolar Health Research, Tromsø , Norway
May 13-15 Tipping Points—The Arctic and Global Change. 2008 ARCUS Annual Meeting, Washington, USA
May 14-15 EEA Workshop on Marine and Coastal Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 18-23 ICES/PICES/IOC/GLOBEC International Symposium on Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans, Gijon, Spain
May 19-20 AMAP/UNEP/UNDP Symposium on Climate Change Impact on Public Health in the Russian Arctic, Moscow, Russia
May 19-21 Arctic System Model Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, USA
May 19-20 AMAP Assessment Steering Group Meeting, Oslo, Norway
May 20-22 AMAP Heads of Delegation Meeting, Oslo, Norway
May 21 Joint AMAP Heads of Delegation / SDWG Meeting, Oslo, Norway
June 9-10 AMAP Cryosphere Project Integration Team meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 15-20 International Conference on Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity, Bergen, Norway
June 16-17 CEFIC meeting on Toxicity Testing, Biomarkers and Risk Assessment
June 29 - 3 July International Conference on Permafrost, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA
July 1-4 Second International Ecological Forum on Environmental and Human Health, St. Petersburg, Russia
July 5-6 AMAP Cryosphere Project Workshop (Seaice sub-project), Tromso, Norway
July 5-7 IASC/SCAR/CliC Workshop on Improving Ice-sheet Models, St. Petersburg, Russia
July 8-11 Accessing and Preserving Data as an IPY Legacy SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia
July 8-11 Polar Research: Arctic and Antarctic Perspectives in the IPY, St. Petersburg, Russia
July 19-29 International Association of Meteorological and Atmospheric, Ocean and Cryospheric Science Conference 'Our Warming Planet', Montreal, Canada
August 11-13 Nordic Hydrology Project Workshop, Reykjavik, Iceland
August 19-20 AMAP Cryosphere Project (Seaice sub-project) Meeting, Tromso, Norway
August 22-26 IASSA 6th International Congress on Arctic Social Sciences, Nuuk, Greenland
August 28-29 AMAP Combined Effects of Climate and Contaminants Project Workshop, Oslo, Norway
September 2-3 AMAP Cryosphere Project Workshop (Snow and Permafrost sub-project), Lund, Sweden
September 7-12 IGAC International Symposium: Bridging Scales in Atmospheric Chemistry - Local-Global, Annecy, France
September 15-16 AMAP Workshop on Non-CO2 Drivers of Climate Change, Oslo, Norway
September 16-18 AMAP Human Health Assessment Editorial Group meeting, Oslo, Norway
September 24-25 Nordrocs: Joint Nordic Meeting on Remediation of Contaminated Sites, Helsinki, Finland
September ?? AIA Conference on Health Impacts of Contaminants on Arctic Peoples, Anchorage, USA
October 4 Uodic Seminar on Cost Benefirts of Reduction of Mercury Emissions, Nairobi, Kenya
October 6-10 UNEP Open-ended Working Group on Mercury meeting, Nairobi, Kenya
October 15-17 Third SAON workshop, Helsinki, Finland
October 27-30 AMAP Human Health Assessment Group meeting, Atlanta, USA
November 17-18 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA) Integration Team, Oslo, Norway
December 7-10 AMAP WG Meeting / Joint AMAP-CAFF meeting, Quebec City, Canada
December 8-9/10 AMAP Mercury Expert Group meeting, Quebec City, Canada
December 9-12 Canadian ArcticNet Arctic Change Conference, Quebec City, Canada
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