Meeting Schedule
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Meeting Schedule 2009
January 14 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Socio-economics) Meeting, Oslo, Norway
January 15-16 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Sea-ice component) Meeting, Oslo, Norway
January 18-23 Arctic Frontiers Conference, Tromsø, Norway
February 10-11 SAO meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
February 16-20 UNEP Governing Council 25th Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya
February 19-22 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Glaciers/Ice Caps module) Meeting, Calgary, Canada
February 23-24 AMAP Combined Effects of Climate and Contaminants project Meeting, Oslo, Norway
March 3-6 UNESCO Sustainable development of the Arctic in teh face of climate change Conference, Monaco
March 4-5 AC Working Group Chairs meeting, Svalbard, Norway
March 4-8 Integrated Coastal Zone Management (OCEANPHYS) meeting, Liege, Belgium
March 5 Transatlantic Policy Options for the Marine Arctic (TRANSFORM) meeting, Brussels, Belgium
March 10-12 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Hydrology module) Meeting, Victoria, Canada
March 11-13 Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 13-14 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Greenland Ice Sheet component) Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 16-17 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Socio-economics) Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 23-27 Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), Bergen, Norway
March 31 RACETOX Global air monitoring workshop, St. Petersburg, Russia
April 1-3 TF HTAP Meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia
April 19-24 EGU LRTAP Session, Vienna, Austria
April 25-26 SAO meeting, Tromsø, Norway
April 25-27 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Snow component) Meeting, Vienna, Austria
April 28 Melting Ice Symposium, Tromsø, Norway
April 28-29 AC Ministerial Meeting, Tromsø, Norway
Spring 2009 TF HTAP / TF MM Meeting, Paris, France
May 4-8 Stockholm Convention COP4 Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
May 13-15 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Permafrost component) Meeting, Delaware, USA
May 27-29 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Integration Team IT3) Meeting, Lund, Sweden
May 31 - June 4 SETAC Europe, Goteborg, Sweden
June 2-4 AMAP Heads of Delegation Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
June 7-12 9th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant, Guiyang, China
June 8-9 AMAP Human Health Expert Group Meeting, Iqaluit, Canada
June 10-12 NCP/AMAP Human Health Symposium, Iqaluit, Canada
June 14-17 12th ICCE/EuCheMS international Conference, Stockholm, Sweden
June 17-18 ArcRisk kick-off meeting, Stockholm, Sweden
July 11-16 International Congress on Circumpolar Health, Yellowknife, Canada
July 19-24 MOCA Climate and Hydrology Conference, Montreal, Canada
August 25-27 Changes in the Greenland Cryosphere Conference, Nuuk, Greenland
September NATO (Norway/Russia RAS) Seminar, Syktyvkar, Russia
September 1-3 BEAC WG on the Environment Conference on Climate Change in the Barents Region, Vadsø, Norway
September 3-4 UN ECE Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Geneva, Switzerland
September 12-17 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Glaciers/Ice Caps module) Meeting, Boulder, Colorado, USA
September 14-16 2009 Arctic Science Conference 'Impact of Environment on Human Health', Juneau, USA
September 18-20 Beringa Days 2009, Anadyr, Russia
September 19-21 NSF/CSDMS Workshop 'Climate Over Landscapes', Boulder, USA
September 21-25 ICES Annual Science Conference, Berlin, Germany
September 21-25 EUMETSAT Meteorological Conference, Bath, United Kingdom
September 22-25 AMAP Mercury Expert Group Meeting, Ottawa, Canada
September 23 Conference 'On Thin Ice - Climate Change and Arctic Sensitivity in the 21st Century', Copenhagen, Denmark
September 23-24 Seminar 'European Arctic Information Centre', Tromsø, Norway
September 29-30 NCP Seventeenth Annual Results Workshop, Ottawa, Canada
September 29 - October 1 IPY Data management meeting, Ottawa, Canada
September 30 - October 4 Synthesising International Understanding of Changes in the Arctic Hydrological System, Stockholm, Sweden
October 8-9 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Integration Team IT4) Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
October 8-9 Second International Science Conference 'Energy and Climate Change', Athens, Greece
October 19-21 Conference 'Air and Climate', Gothberg, Sweden
October 22-23 Nordic Remote Sensing Days, Helsinki, Finland
October 23 - November 1 PICES 2009, Jeju, Republic of Korea
October 26-28 GEIA-ACCENT Open Conference, Oslo, Norway
October 29-30 AMAP Cryosphere Project (SWIPA Sea-ice component) Meeting, Boulder, Colorado, USA
November 3-5 Northern Governance Policy Research Conference, Yellowknife, Canada
November 5-6 AMAP Human Health Expert Group Meeting, Oulu, Finland
November 4-6 UK Polar Network Cryospheric Science Workshop, Sheffield, United Kingdom
November 7-9 Workshop 'Arctic in Rapid Transition', Fairbanks, USA
November 10-12 AMAP Heads of Delegation Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 10-12 Symposium ' The Arctic Climate System - its present status, future evolution and potential impacts', Brussels, Belgium
November 12-13 SAO meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
November 16-17 Technical Conference ' Environmental Prediction in the Next Decade. Weather, Climate, Water, and the Air we Breath, Seoul, Republic of Korea
November 18-25 Fifteenth Session WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences, Seoul, Republic of Korea
November 18-19 CEFIC-LRI Annual Workshop, Brussels, Belgium
November 30 - December 3 Antarctic Treaty Summit. Science-Policy Interactions in International Governance. Washington DC, USA
December 12-18 UNFCC COP XV meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
December 14-18 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA
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