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Policy - Maps and Graphics
General policy regarding use and reproduction of AMAP maps and graphics by third parties

We kindly request all users of the AMAP graphics to respect the following conditions of use and reproduction.

The AMAP graphics are freely available in the form of bitmap images for use by individuals and groups involved in non-commercial enterprises, for example, students, teachers, researchers, scientists and scientific institutes, policy units, etc. engaged in producing reports, scientific or policy papers, presentation materials, etc. The bitmap images (jpeg files) can be downloaded from the AMAP website (maps and graphics database) or delivered on request (in the form of an e-mail message specifying the required images).

Under these arrangements:

The individual or group concerned is generally expected to be interested in using single or a limited number (upto ca. 10) of the available graphics.

No conditions are placed on use of the AMAP graphics for non-commercial purposes, however we do make a standard request that all users of the AMAP graphics make appropriate acknowledgement of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) as the source of the graphics and, where relevant (e.g. in publications), include a full citation to the AMAP report from which they are taken. The necessary citation information, together with full documentation for each graphic, including sources used, etc., is contained in the AMAP maps and graphics database.

Organizations engaged in commercial ventures who wish to use or reproduce selected AMAP graphics are requested to contact AMAP with details of the intended use of the graphics, arrangements for acknowledgment/citation of the source, and if appropriate, compensation (financial or in-kind) for permission to use the graphics. Vector graphic files (e.g., eps files) are available and can be requested from AMAP, for example, to meet requirements for high quality printed reproduction.

Users interested in reproducing AMAP graphics in electronic documents are subject to the same basic conditions applicable in the case of printed copies of the graphics. However, in the case of re-use of the AMAP graphics in the construction of websites, the following additional consideration applies. In general, AMAP is reluctant to see the AMAP graphics used in applications that have a degree of duplication or overlap with the objectives and services provided by the AMAP website. In such cases, it is generally preferred that other websites wishing to utilise to the AMAP graphics do so by inserting appropriate links to the AMAP website pages rather than inserting copies of the AMAP graphics. Part of the reason for this is to ensure that maintenance of the AMAP graphics (correction of errors, provision of updated versions of graphics and data, etc) can be accomplished without a proliferation of outdated or erroneous materials on the web.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact us by sending an e-mail to
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