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Papers & Presentation
» MRC's role in relation to planning and implementation of mainstream dams and its strategic assessment framework (pdf 1.9MB)
Dam Affected Peoples Forum,
3 December 2008
» Mainstream dams: MRC's role and procedures for notification and prior consultation (pdf 1.0MB) Dam Affected Peoples Forum,
3 December 2008
» Hydropower Development in the Context of Integrated Water Resources Management in the Lower Mekong Basin (pdf 642KB)
Yangtze Symposium,
29 October, 2008
» Environmental Considerations for Sustainable Hydropower Development in the Mekong Region - A Joint ADB, MRC and WWF Initiative (pdf 48KB) Yangtze Symposium,
29 October, 2008
» Presentations from Regional Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on the MRC Hydropower programme 25-27 September,
Vientiane, Lao PDR

3rd Southeast Asia Water Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 22-26 2007
» Best practice of the provision of flood early warning to flood-vulnerable communities in Cambodia
    - Paper
    - PowerPoint Presentation

» Irrigation Efficiencies and Water Productivity in Paddy Fields in the Lower Mekong River Basin
    - Paper: Application of a Water Balance Approach at Irrigation Scheme Level
    - PowerPoint Presentation

» Characteristics of the Mekong mainstream flood regime(paper)

» A Hydrological Information System to Improve Short and Medium Term Flood Forecasting in the Mekong River Basin(paper)

» Drought Management in the Lower Mekong Basin
  - Paper
  - PowerPoint Presentation

» Integrated Watershed Management as a Tool for Ecologically Sound Water Resources Management and Sustainable Economic and Social Development
  - Paper
  - PowerPoint Presentation

» The Hydrological Situation in the Lower Mekong Basin in 2006 (paper)

» Towards a New Flood Forecasting System for the Lower Mekong River Basin
-  Paper
-  PowerPoint Presentation

» Improvement of Irrigation Efficiency in paddy fields in the Lower Mekong Basin project (IIEPF) October 2006
pdf (165KB)
» Rice is life and culture of the people of the Lower Mekong Basin Region
Mekong Rice Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
15-17 October 2004 (pdf 376KB)
» Flood forecasting and river monitoring system in the Mekong River Basin pdf (901KB)
» Statements and recommendations from Large Rivers Symposium II (Abstract of papers) 11-14 Feb 2003
» Proceedings of regional navigation workshop 22-23 Jan 2003


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