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The Mekong Programme

The MRC's Mekong Programme is a Regional Cooperation Programme for the Sustainable Development of Water and Related Resources in the Mekong Basin. Its goal is to achieve more effective use of water and related resources to alleviate poverty while protecting the environment. Using the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), the MRC believes a well-balanced, peaceful, equitable and sustainable development process can be facilitated for the mutual benefit of all Mekong riparian countries.

Applying the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management the MRC's goal is to encourage balanced and coordinated developments and investments in the areas of:

Developing the economic potential of the Mekong River system for food, domestic uses, power generation, transport and tourism is a key to fighting poverty and increasing people's welfare in the region. Through cooperation and planning, MRC is working to discover the best path for the region's long-term development.

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