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Fisheries Information in the Lower Mekong Basin, V.3.0

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Yield and value of the wild fishery of rice fields in Battambang Province, near the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Cambodia’s ricefields are not only a major source of staple food, they are also producers of a vast range of fish and aquatic animals. This study quantifies the yield and value of the rice field fishery in an area typical of the rain-fed, wet season rice fields that surround the floodplain of the Great Lake.
MRC Technical Paper No 18, July 2008
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Socioeconomic Assessment of Freshwater Capture Fisheries of Cambodia, Report On a Household Survey

by Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, Hap Navy, Ly Vuthy and Marites Tiongco,
 Price: $15.00Unit  

Field guide to Fisheries of the Mekong Delta

Published: May 2008
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Socio-economics of the fisheries of the lower Songkhram River Basin, northeast Thailand

MRC Technical Paper No 17, January 2008
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Consumption and the yield of fish and other aquatic animals from the Lower Mekong Basin

The full title of this fascinating report is Consumption and the yeild of fish and other aquatic animals from the Lower Mekong Basin. Published by the FEVM component of the Fisheries Programme, this book recordes the results of 20 field surveys conducted in the LMB.
MRC Technical Paper No 16, October 2007
 Price: $5.00Unit  

Fish Migration Triggers in the Lower Mekong Basin and other freshwater tropical systems

This report includes a review of published information on fish migration triggers in the Mekong and other tropical systems and quantitive analysis of environmental triggers in the Mekong. Also available for free download.
MRC Technical Paper No 14, January 2007
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Proceedings of the 7th Technical Symposium on Mekong Fisheries

This publication features selected papers from MRC’s 7th Technical Symposium on Mekong Fisheries held in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, presented by experts from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam on the themes Assessment of Mekong Capture Fisheries, Management of River and Reservoir Fisheries, and Aquaculture of Indigenous Mekong Species. Also available for free download.
MRC Conference Series No. 6, September 2006
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Hydro-acoustic Survey of Deep Pools in the Mekong River in Southern Lao PDR and Northern Cambodia

This new report provides details of hydro-acoustic surveys in deep pools in the Mekong between Siphandone in the southern Lao PDR and Stung Treng in the northern Cambodia. The survey is the first of its type in the Mekong. The hydro-acoustic equipment, which works on similar principles as sonar, can image individual and shouls of fish living in these special habitats. The results revealed patterns in fish size, numbers and density that varied according to water depth, the location of the pools and the time of year.
MRC Technical Paper No. 11, January 2006
 76 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Proceedings of the 6th Technical Symposium on Mekong Fisheries

This publication features selected papers from MRC’s 6th Technical Symposium on Mekong Fisheries held in Pakse, Lao PDR, presented by experts from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam on the themes of fisheries assessment, aquaculture, and fisheries management. Also available for free download.
MRC Conference Series No. 5, March 2005
 193 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Twelfth Annual Meeting of MRC Programme for Fisheries Management and Development Cooperation. 2-4 June 2005, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The CD consists of Presentations, Documents and Photographs.
Published: June 2005
 CD-ROMPrice: $3.00Unit  

Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on the Management of Large Rivers for Fisheries (LARS2)

Two volumes of the edited papers from LARS2 held from 11-14 February 2003 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The theme of the conference was Sustaining Livelihoods and Biodiversity in the New Millennium. Also available for free download at
Published: February 2003
 Books (Vol. I & Vol. II, over 600 pages)Price: $50.00. HeavyUnit  
 CD-ROMPrice: $5.00Unit  

An Introduction to Cambodia's Inland Fisheries

Cambodia relies heavily on its natural resources and agricultural land to provide food and livelihood for its 12 million people. Among the most vibrant of these renewable natural resources are the inland fisheries, which provide income and food security for millions of people. This report synthesises much of the relevant research on Cambodia's fisheries. Its easy-to-read style is complemented by numerous attractive photographs.
Mekong Development Series No. 4, November 2004
  56 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Fisheries Information in the Lower Mekong Basin Ver. 1

The Fisheries Information cd-rom contains nine databases related to catch assessment and five databases related to migration and spawning. Each database has its own manual and/or data dictionary. It also offers a vast range of information produced by the Mekong River Commission's Fisheries Programme and its counterparts including technical papers, features, photographs and in-depth reports produced over the past 10 years.
Published: 2004
 CD-ROMPrice: $5.00Unit  

Distribution and Ecology of Some Important Riverine Fish Species of the Mekong River Basin

This new report complements an earlier report on fish migrations (Technical Paper No 8), which provided an overview of the general patterns of fish migrations and their significance for management. This report provides more detailed information of 40 key species which are significant in the Mekong River fishery. For each species it provides notes on distribution, feeding, size, population structure, critical habitats,life cycle and its importance in fisheries.
MRC Technical Paper No. 10, May 2004
 116 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

The Impacts of Introductions and Stocking of Exotic Species in the Mekong Basin and Policies for Their Control

Exotic fish species have been introduced into the Mekong River Basin for aquaculture, stocking of lakes and reservoirs, mosquito control and the aquarium fish trade. The authors call for a code of conduct to be established for future introductions, arguing that while the impacts of exotic species so far appear relatively minor, their uncontrolled movement is a threat to native fish species that may decline through competition, predationor genetic interference and the possible spread of disease. This report provides a description of exotic species in the Mekong River Basin, a description of their known impacts and policy suggestions.
MRC Technical Paper N0. 9, May 2003
 44 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Fish Migrations in the Mekong River Basin

Information on fish migration and spawning patterns, based on the work of the MRC Fisheries programme between 1995 - 2002. This CD-ROM includes digital maps showing migration routes of specific species, and information on river ecology.
Published: 2003
 CD-ROMPrice: $5.00Unit  

Mekong Fish Database

Information contained in the MFD 2003 is fully referenced and was obtained both from published material and from the results from surveys coordinated by the MRC Fisheries Programme in collaboration with riparian line agencies. Key information for each species includes taxonomy, migration, common names, synonyms, pictures, occurrence data, maps, and biological information.
Published: 2003
 CD-ROMPrice: $5.00Unit  

Fishing Gears of the Cambodian Mekong

Fine technical drawings accompanied by photos and concise descriptions make this hardback book an outstanding production. Around 150 gear types are described and named in English and Khmer, along with information about seasonal uses, gender aspects, cost and legal status. Apart from the usefulness of this manual for management and study of fisheries, the gears which are depicted reflect the fascinating living culture of the Cambodian people, whose lives have for centuries been based on harvesting the Mekong’s riches.

Jointly published by the Mekong River Commission, the Cambodian Department of Fisheries and Danida.

Published: 2003
 270 pages. Hardback.Price: $25.00. HeavyUnit  

New approaches for the improvement of inland capture fishery statistics in the Mekong Basin

Official national estimates of fisheries yield and consumption have consistently been lower than estimates derived from more focused local surveys. This collection of papers from an expert consultation meeting in Udon Thani, Thailand, from 2-5 September 2002, provides an in-depth discussion of how to improve inland capture fishery statistics in the Mekong Basin. Published jointly by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Mekong River Commission.
Published: 2003
 148 pagesPrice: $5.00. HeavyUnit  

Fish migrations of the Lower Mekong Basin: implications for development, planning and environmental management

In the Mekong Basin, many fish species are migratory. Many swim hundreds of kilometres, often across international borders, during their seasonal migrations. Since millions of people are dependent on migratory fish for their food security and livelihoods, plans for dams and other water management projects must consider their consequences on fish migrations. To aid in these assessments, this paper identifies key features of the Mekong River ecosystem that are crucial for migratory fishes and suggests how to incorporate this information into environmental assessments.
MRC Technical Paper No. 8, October 2002
 62 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Freshwater aquaculture in the Lower Mekong Basin

Aquaculture - the farming of fish, other aquatic animals and plants - is an increasingly important source of income and means of assuring food security for rural people in the Lower Mekong Basin. This paper reviews the status of freshwater aquaculture in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam and trends shaping aquaculture development. It also provides recommendations for increasing the importance and success of aquaculture, particularly in poor communities.
MRC Technical Paper No. 7, October 2002
 62 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Fisheries in the Lower Mekong Basin: Status and Perspectives

Current data from the Lower Mekong Basin on the status of capture fisheries and aquaculture, as well as data on consumption, processing and marketing. The study includes the requirements for sustainable management of capture fisheries and aquaculture, an overview of types of development that affect fisheries, and short illustrated features on important topics related to the fisheries sector.
MRC Technical Paper No. 6, May 2002
 95 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Financial analysis and risk assessment of selected aquaculture and fishery activities in the Mekong Basin. free

Describes financial risks that low income groups face in establishing small-scale aquaculture operations. Along with comprehensive recommendations, the report provides formulas and spreadsheets that agencies can use in assessing new aquaculture operations.
MRC Technical Paper No. 5, April 2002
 66 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Deep pools as dry season fish habitats in the Mekong River Basin

This study discusses the crucial role that deep pool habitats within the Mekong mainstream and its tributaries play in maintaining fish stocks. It also provides information on fish species in the pools, hydrographic data and a set of recommendations for protection of these areas.
MRC Technical Paper No. 4, April 2002
 24 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Mekong giant fish species: on their management and biology

An overview of the importance and status of giant fish species in the Mekong River and species synopses for Catlocarpio siamensis; Pangasianodon gigas; and Probarbus jullieni.
MRC Technical Paper No. 3, April 2002
 29 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Status of Pangasiid aquaculture in Viet Nam

Discusses the status of wild river catfish larvae, and summarises the status of hatchery seed production and the status of pond and cage culture.
MRC Technical Paper No. 2, April 2002
 16 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Status of the Mekong Pangasianodon hypophthalmus resources, with special reference to the stock shared between Cambodia and Viet Nam

This paper covers the identification, distribution and life-cycle of Pangasianodon hypophthalmus. It also discusses the status of fishery exploitation, utilisation of P. hypophthalmus in aquaculture and provides recommendations for maintaining the viability of this species.
MRC Technical Paper No. 1, April 2002
 29 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Local Knowledge in the Study of River Fish Biology: Experiences from the Mekong

Life cycle information on important Mekong species, particularly in relation to migration and spawning. Based on interviews with knowledgeable fishers, sellers and other local experts, the study highlights the critical influence of habitat and flood patterns on the propensity of fish species to migrate, spawn and find dry-season refuges.
Mekong Development Series No. 1, July 2001
 22 pagesPrice: $5.00Unit  

Fisheries in the Lower Mekong Basin
Main report, summary and annexes, 1992

An overview of the fisheries sector in the Lower Mekong Basin, fisheries development issues and development needs, a review of external assistance, and proposals for future work. The annexes contain a country sector reviews of the four Lower Mekong Basin countries, including production and distribution, environmental aspects, government roles and policies, and lists of development assistance projects.
Published: 1992
 Main report, 92 pagesPrice: $15.00Unit  
 Annexes, 254 pagesPrice: $8.00Unit  
 Summary, 16 pagesPrice: $3.00Unit  


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