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Regionally Based Assessment of
Persistent Toxic Substances


The collection, assembly and evaluation of data on sources, environmental levels and impacts of persistent toxic substances across the globe

<<<<<<The 12 regional reports are now available on the website.  Click on 'Regional Reports' and select the region required.   Translated reports are also available for some regions.  All reports are in PDF format>>>>>>The Global Report is now available on this website.  Click on the link 'Global Report' to access the PDF version of the report.  We thank the many persons who made substantive comments toward improving the report.  >>>>>>

Project Description

This project aims at making regional assessments of the damages and threats posed by Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS). The Project relies upon the collection and interpretation of existing data through questionnaires from the country level. Funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in conjunction with several donor states, the project is being implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP Chemicals). The globe is divided into 12 regions with the assessment producing 12 Regional Reports. A Global Report, which will highlight the major issues from the Regional Reports, will give a list of priority issues and suggest interventions to address the problems identified. The Global Report will provide guidance to the GEF and UNEP for further action. No research will be undertaken to generate primary data, but projections may be made to fill data gaps and to predict threats to the environment.