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AMAP's Assessments

The main goal of AMAP is "providing reliable and sufficient information on the status of, and threats to, the Arctic environment, and providing scientific advice on actions to be taken in order to support Arctic governments in their efforts to take remedial and preventive actions relating to contaminants"

AMAP has completed two assessments of the State of the Arctic Environment with respect to pollution issues. The first of these was published in 1997, and the second in 2002.

The AMAP Assessments are based on input and contributions from several hundred scientists and experts, and are prepared by lead experts working undert the guidance of the AMAP Assessment Steering Group.

Two different types of Assessment report are produced. State of the Arctic Environment Reports (SOAERs) are intended to present the results of the AMAP assessment to decision makers and the general public. AMAP scientific assessment reports (AARs) are technical reports that provide the fully-referenced scientific basis for the assessment.

This first AMAP Assessment was presented to Ministers of the eight Arctic countries at their meeting in Alta, Norway in June 1997. The second AMAP Assessment was presented on October 1 2002 to Arctic Council Ministers meeting in Inari, Finland. Links to electronic versions of the AMAP assessment reports can be found under Popular (non-technical) Reports (SOAERs) and Scientific Background Reports (AARs).

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