Assessment Results / Video Clips
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Video Clips
As part of its information strategy, AMAP produced a short film summarising the results of AMAP Phase II. Clips from this film can be viewed/downladed by clicking on the links below:

AMAP Phase 2

What is AMAP Phase 2? (.wmv, 753 KB)

AMAP Assessment Results

Overview of AMAPs findings concerning pollution in the Arctic (.wmv, 1 MB)


How contaminants reach the Arctic (.wmv, 1.27 MB)


Mechanisms that enhance mercury deposition in the Arctic (.wmv, 970 KB)

POPs - old and new

Contamination of the Arctic by PCB and brominated flame retardants (.wmv, 797 KB)

Polar bears

Effects of contaminants on polar bears (.wmv, 228 KB)

Traditional diets

The dilemma for Arctic indigenous people who rely on traditional foods (.wmv, 1.26 MB)

Human health

Effects of contaminants on Arctic human populations (.wmv, 849 KB)

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