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5.6 Environmental non-governmental organizations
Feed ItemNew tender announcement
RFQ_EMO_2012-033 “Pilot construction of cattle mortuary in Barguzinsky district, Buryatia, The Russian Federation”, application period: 2012 September 21 - ...
FileAdaptation to climate change in river basins of DAURIA: Ecology and Water management
Distribution of rare animal species. Mammals map
2.4 Animal world
FileSome results of applying dpsir analysis for Ulaanbaatar as part of the Selenge River Basin integrated water management system (English
FileGeoinformational support of monitoring of natural landscape transformation in the basin of lake Baikal on the basis of retrospective cartographic materials (english).
FileAtlas of the Baikal basin (RUS)
FileAtlas of the Baikal Basin (ENG)