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Appendix 14 workshop 1

Speech of Ms. Shakirova F.M.

As was already referenced by researchers, the introduction of new species into water bodies has had an unexpected impact and is an example of one of the unhealthiest ways in which man has affected his surroundings. A glaring example is the impact Mnemiopsis Leidyi has had on the ecosystems of the Black and Azov Seas. Today’s situation with Ctenophore is seriously worrying. Therefore, biological and ecological studies of Mnemiopsis and its Beroe predator are of a primary importance, and each report, made during the workshop, raises interest and lots of questions.

Being specialist in hydrobiology, I support the fast introduction of Beroe into the Caspian Sea, due to the urgency of the matter; but, from the practical point of view, I appreciate that there are lots of open and unstudied issues of Ctenophore’s parasitofauna and control of the number of Mnemiopsis by means of Beroe (i.e. number of the latter, and places it should be released to suppress Ctenophore). Perhaps, it may become necessary to establish bio-laboratories for the breeding and maintenance of Beroe.

We already have experience in the habitation of the Far-Eastern pelagophilous fishes in Turkmenistan during 60’s of XX century with quite significant result. The goals – to clean Karakumy channel from water plants and to increase fish productiveness from 5-17 kg/ha to 75-80 kg/ha - were achieved. However, the work did not consider factors like parasitofauna of introduced fishes and "pureness" of planted material (i.e. co-species). As a result, we have a number of Far-Eastern representatives of parasitofauna and dozen of fish species, which have no economic value. They had inhabited and continue to actively inhabit even into separate river systems of Kopetdag and Paropamiz, often displacing indigenous species. Therefore, whilst fulfilling the forthcoming works in the Caspian Sea basin, it is important, in my opinion, to consider these factors and carry out the Beroe introduction process in accordance with Temporary guiding principals for the prevention of introduction alien species and the softening of alien species impact.

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