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Information on Mnemiopsis in Kazakhstan waters of the Caspian Sea

Yu. Kim

Information on the presence of jelly-fish in the Caspian was first received from Caspian Fishery Institute, whilst no specific trips on mnemiopsis’ studies were made in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea. However, we possess some information on its distribution, which was obtained as a result of fishery studies in the north-eastern Caspian by Atirau subsidiary of Kazaxstan Fishery Institute.

mnem_pic_4.jpg  mnem_pic_4.jpg

In the areas of exploration drilling, i.e. Eastern and Western Kashagan, with depths not exceeding 4-5 m, jelly-fish was found along the whole of water column, submarines included. Mnemiopsis has been first found in summer, 2000. Around the same period it was also found, though more sparsely, in the area of Kalamkas field with its depths reaching 10 m. However, towards the mouth of Ural no single jelly-fish was found till late autumn.

According to data available at Caspian Fishery Institute, in July 2000 in Middle Caspian areas adjacent to Kazakhstan territorial waters jelly-fish accumulations were of more mass nature in the regions of Takman, Rakushechniy and Adamtash capes with their depths reaching 100 m and deeper. Jelly-fish accumulations were reducing towards the region of Kulaly island. The densest accumulations were found in 3-5 m sheet of water.

No trips have been yet initiated over the current year, thus explaining the lack of new information.

Biology of Mnemiopsis could be studied based on literature data.

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