International Training Workshop on Environmentally Safe Management of Hazardous Wastes, Including Occupational Health and Safety Issues

Moscow, 20-23 July, 2009


In accordance with decision of the UNEP/GEF Project Steering Committee the Project Office in coordination with US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and with assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (MNR of Russia) and ACAP Secretariat held International Training Workshop on Environmentally Safe Management of Hazardous Wastes, Including Occupational Health and Safety Issues. The purpose of the training was to increase trainees’ knowledge on the latest methods of ensuring environmental safety in operations involving handling of hazardous waste, including issues of occupational health. A special attention was paid also to the issues related to removal of drums containing residues of hazardous materials, all aspects associated with handling outdated pesticides, reclamation operations, etc. Follow this link to see a training programme …

Specialists from Russian Arctic regions as well as from federal and local agencies, representatives of aboriginal minorities and NGOs directly involved in hazardous waste products collecting, their handling, transportation and management were invited to participate in the workshop.

The training was delivered by qualified specialists of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, RosTechNadzor, and RosPotrebNadzor (Russian Consumers Inspectorate), as well as by professionals representing organizations specializing in the practical aspects of waste handling. The training complied with the RF Government Resolution No.340 of May 23, 2002, with the associated program approved by the RF Ministry of Natural Resources and endorsed by RF Ministry of Education (RF MNR decree No. 868 of December 18, 2002), and finally with the decree No.793 of November 20, 2007 (‘On Training and Certifying Managers and Specialists of Organizations Specializing in Ensuring Environmental Safety’) issued by RosTechNadzor (Russian Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Inspectorate).

Invited USEPA experts made sound input in the workshop by supplemented the seminar with theoretical lectures and practical exercises on occupational health issues and environmentally safe handling of waste in accordance with USEPA generally accepted procedures. They also provided necessary for exercises teaching materials and familiarized trainees with up-to-date environment controlling and monitoring instruments, personal protective equipment, with basics of hazard recognition, site entry and reconnaissance strategies and other. Outside exercises on the test site of garbage-disposal plant (GUP “Ecotekhprom”) were held in the course end. During these exercises the trainees could mastering theoretical knowledge received in a classroom.

Participated the workshop (32hours course) and passed an examination students obtained Russian and USEPA certificates for hazardous waste handling.

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