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Project News

Second Meeting of the Project Steering Committee was hold in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) on 25-26 of April, 2007. Project Manager presented progress report on the Project implementation, a range of documents specially prepared for the meeting has been approved by the Steering Committee and vital for the Project implementation decisions were taken. Among them were prolongation of the Project Phase I till the end of 2008, project budget revision, pre-investment studies completion during Phase I and adoption of new pilot and demonstration projects to be fulfilled in different Russian Arctic regions. The final progress report and other approved by the Steering Committee documents are available here.

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Project Office hold a special workshop with independent experts on preparation of a demonstration project for remediation of the environment through the use of brown algae on 21st of March 2007. Leading Russian experts in the field of oceanology, marine biology and marine pollutions took a part in the meeting. A report of the meeting (in Russian) with a list of participants can be seen here.


On 27th of October 2006 in Moscow a meeting of work group for The International Science Initiative in the Russian Arctic, ISIRA was held.

Dr. I. Senchenya, Project Manager, presented the UNEP/GEF Project NPA-Arctic and told about progress made from the beginning of the project implementation. The complete Project presentation can be seen here.

ISIRAis a Russian and international cooperative initiative to assist Russian Arctic science and sustainable development in the Russian Arctic by:

  • initiating planning of multinational research programmes that address specific key problems in the Russian Arctic
  • providing a forum for linking together on-going or planned bilateral projects to achieve added value and avoid duplication
  • facilitating improved scientific access to the Russian Arctic
  • advising on funding and organising implementation of projects agreed upon.
ISIRA is organised as an international group advising the IASC Executive Committee. The IASC Executive Secretary serves as secretary to ISIRA.