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1. Introduction

2. Completed Demonstration and Pilot Projects

2.1. The Environmental Co-Management of Extracting Companies, Authorities and Small-In-Numbers Indigenous Peoples of the North Demonstration Project

2.2. Environmental Remediation of Decommissioned Military Bases on Franz Josef Land Demonstration Project

2.3. The Cleanup of the Arctic Marine Environment with Brown Algae Pilot Project

2.4. The Pilot Project "Cleaning Bottom Sediments of Kola Bay from Hazardous Substances. Phase 1. Monitoring Hazardous Substances in Kola Bay Bottom Sediments."

2.5. Developing Bioremediation Technology for the Cleanup the Oil-Contaminated Onshore Areas in the Arctic

2.6. Cleanup of the Bay of Tiksi Seafloor from Sunken Logs and Shipwrecks Pilot Project

2.7. Pilot Project: Environmental Remediation of the Former Military Site near Pokrovskoye Settlement, Onezhsky Rayon, Archangelsk Oblast of the Russian Federation

2.8. Pilot Project: Development of technology for cleaning up the Arctic decommissioned sites of the Russian Ministry of Defense from hazardous waste as demonstrated on Alexandra Island of Franz Josef Land Archipelago

2.9. Pilot project: Cleanup of tiksi bay seafloor from sunken logs and wrecks. Phase 2

2.10. Pilot Project: Localisation and removal from a thermokarst crater of two radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RITEGs) of GONG type at the Kondratiev navigation beacon site in Ust'-Yanski Ulus of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

2.11. Pilot Project: "Inventory of Pollution Sources at the Decommissioned Military Sites on the New Siberian Islands

2.12. Pilot Project: Elaboration of the Process and Logistics Options for the Implementation of the System for Collection and Utilization of PCB Wastes and PCB-Containing Equipment in the Russian Arctic

2.13. Pilot Project: Developing Healthcare Improvement Recommendations for Indigenous People Exposed to Intensive Adverse Impacts from Contaminated Environment in the Russian Arctic

2.14. Pilot Project: Establishing the System of Obsolete and Banned Pesticides Destruction in the Russian Federation through Innovation Technologies

2.15. Pilot Project: "Improving the Oil Spill Response System in the Arctic Context for the Protection of Coastal Areas that are Specifically Responsive to Oil Products (as Demonstrated in the Context of the Barents and White Seas)"