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Virtual Display of Centennial Stamps
The PAHO HQ Library is presenting in digital format a set of original commemorative stamps, including envelopes with 1st edition stamps, issued during the Pan American Health Organization centennial celebrations (1902-2002) by 12 countries of the Region of the Americas. Their registration in the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is still pending.

The Library has compiled and prepared this unique collection for virtual display on the WEB and for preservation purposes. This collection is also accessible through the Library catalog on the WEB with a link to the digital images. Visitors are welcome to visit the permanent display of the originals in the Library premises of the Organization.
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Video Highlights from PAHO's 100th Anniversary Dinner
PAHO's Centennial dinner, marking the anniversary of the Organization, was held at the Willard Hotel, where the original meeting happened a century ago. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was the keynote speaker, and the Public Health Heroes of the Americas were honored. These are highlights from the event, in Windows Media format.
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U.N. Secretary-General Honors PAHO's 100th Anniversary UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Calling the contributions of the Pan American Health Organization over the past century a "unifying, democratizing force" that has brought hope to many people, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan honored the organization on the day it completed 100 years of existence. In his keynote speech at the PAHO Centennial Dinner, on December 2nd, Secretary Annan said the organization's record is one to be proud of, one which has helped increase life expectancy in the Americas to 72 years, up from 50 years a century ago.
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Pan American Health Organization Celebrates 100th Anniversary
The Pan American Health Organization today celebrated its 100th anniversary with a hemisphere-wide series of activities, from symposiums to commemorative acts to postage stamps. PAHO was established in 1902 and is celebrating 100 years of work with all the countries of the Americas to improve the health and raise the living standards of their peoples.
In Washington, a Centennial Symposium, "Celebrating Partnerships: 100 Years of Health in the Americas," started today at PAHO with ministers of health, representatives from foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, civil society organizations, the United Nations, and the private sector. They were discussing strengthening partnerships to confront new challenges to public health in the Americas.
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New Weekly Press Feature: Non-Communicable diseases
  "Non-Communicable diseases, an economic and health burden for the Region" is the latest weekly health feature released by PAHO. In the next century, the Americas face the challenge of fighting against a dramatic rise in non-communicable diseases--including diabetes, hypertension, and cancer--which cause 44 percent of the deaths in the Region.   Read more...

 Mônica's Gang Mônica and her friends salute PAHO Centennial
Famous Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa, creator of "Mônica's Gang" and recently named "Champion of Health of the Americas" by the Pan American Health Organization sent us this salute from the gang...

Biographies of PAHO Directors Available
 Old Newsletter During its first 100 years of existence, the Pan American Health Organization has been under the command of 8 different Directors. Now you can know more about them...
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Voices of the Centennial
 Voices of the Centennial People who were part of the efforts of the Pan American Health Organization to improve health in the Western hemisphere add their voices to the celebration of the Centennial.
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 Cover of Magazine Special Centennial Magazine
As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Pan American Health Organization, a special centennial edition of Perspectives in Health has just been published and is now available online. The issue features essays by five distinguished authors exploring future developments in public health.


 Cover of Magazine PAHO Centennial Book Now Available
"Celebrating 100 Years of Health: The Quest for a Healthy America," a 182-page photobook published in honor of PAHO's centennial, contains photos--many of historic importance--from every country in the Americas. The soft-cover limited edition is available for sale now, for only a limited time. This beautiful book may be purchased for only $25 plus shipping and handling. To reserve your copy, please email centennial@paho.org or send a message by fax to (202) 974-3143 with your name, telephone number, and mailing address.

Centennial Journalism Award: Hemispheric Winner Announced
André Picard, a reporter for the Toronto Globe & Mail, has been named the hemispheric winner of the Pan American Health Organization's Centennial Journalism Contest, for a series of articles on the obesity epidemic, "Fattest or Fittest."   Read more about it...
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 - Extending health coverage to millions of people in the Americas is a challenge
 - An invisible army, difficult to defeat
 - Non-Communicable diseases, an economic and health burden for the Region
 - Health is a human right, but what about equity?
 - Health Promotion: An Innovative and Effective Approach