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Sub-regional Workshops for Pandemic Influenza, October-November 2009
Three sub-regional workshops for the planning of pandemic influenza vaccine (H1N1) introduction were held during the months of October and November to provide technical support to countries and territories in the elaboration of their pandemic vaccine plans of action. The first workshop was held from 21-23 October in Panama City, Panama, for countries of Central America, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela. This was followed by a workshop held from 27-29 October in Lima, Peru, for countries of South America. The final subregional workshop was held from 5-7 November in St. Kitts and Nevis for the English-speaking Caribbean countries and territories. Participants in all workshops included national EPI Managers, the national authority responsible for the Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan, PAHO Immunization focal points in the countries and staff from the headquarters office. 
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Operating Procedures of the PAHO Revolving Fund, October 2008
Operating Procedures of the Revolving Fund for the Purchase of Vaccines, Syringes, and Other Related Supplies through the Pan American Health Organization. Other versions: Spanish, French, Portuguese. More in PDF »

FINAL STATEMENT by (PAHO/WHO) on Investigation of Serious Adverse Events in Peru Following Receipt of Yellow Fever Vaccine Produced by Bio-Manguinhos, Brazil
This PAHO/WHO statement provides results of the investigation of serious adverse events that occurred in October 2007 following administration of yellow fever vaccine (17DD sub-strain) manufactured by Bio-Manguinhos, Brazil. A previous PAHO/WHO statement on the reported events was issued on 2 November 2007 and recommended temporary suspension of specific lots of the vaccine.  More in PDF »

Options for the use of human H5N1 influenza vaccines and the WHO H5N1 vaccine stockpile
WHO scientific consultation, Geneva, Switzerland, 1–3 October 2007 More in PDF »

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