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GIWA Final Report
The GIWA Final report has been launched at the UNEP Governing Council in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is available for downloading here

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GIWA Regional assessment reports
The reports present a comprehensive and integrated assessment of international waters in different regions. It is a systematic assessment of the environmental conditions and problems in transboundary waters, comprising marine, coastal and freshwater areas, and surface waters as well as ground waters.
Russian Arctic
Arctic Greenland, East- & West Greenland Shelf
Caribbean Sea/a
Caribbean Sea/b & c
Caribbean Islands
Barents Sea
Faroe Plateau
Baltic Sea
Caspian Sea
Aral Sea
Gulf of California/ Colorado River Basin
Sea of Okhotsk
Oyashio Current
Yellow Sea
East China Sea
Patagonian Shelf
Brazil Current
Amazon Basin
Canary Current
Guinea Current
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Lake Chad Basin
Benguela Current
Indian Ocean Islands
East African Rift Valley Lakes
South China Sea
Mekong River
Sulu-Celebes (Sulawesi) Sea
Indonesian Seas
Pacific Islands
Humboldt Current
Eastern Equatorial Pacific

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