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Mobilizing and re-focusing the global economy towards investments in clean technologies and 'natural' infrastructure such as forests and soils is the best bet for real growth, combating climate change and triggering an employment boom in the 21st century.

On 22 October 2008, UNEP and leading economists launched the Green Economy Initiative (GEI) aimed at seizing an historic opportunity to bring about tomorrow's economy today. The GEI, which will initially run for a period of two years, has three key elements: the Green Economy report, that will provide an overview, analysis and synthesis of how public policy can help markets accelerate the transition towards a green economy; The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), a partnership project focusing on valuation issues; and finally the Green Jobs report, published in September 2008, that looked at employment trends.
A Global Green New Deal - Policy Brief Joint Statement - Towards a Green New Deal: Economic stimulus and policy action for the double crunch
Green Economy Report
Despite efforts over the past decades to demonstrate the inter-dependency between the environment and human well-being, the environment continues to receive marginal attention in economic policymaking. More ...

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Human existence would not be possible without such things as water and air purification, nutrient cycling and the maintenance of biodiversity. More ...

Green Jobs
A new landmark study says millions of new "green jobs" could be created in coming decades as a result of the impact of the emerging global "green economy". More...

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