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Strengthening the scientific base of UNEP

United Nations Environment Programme collaborates with a wide range of partners throughout the UN system and beyond to provide information on the state of the planet’s natural resources and their contribution to sustainable development.

The increasing complexity of environmental degradation requires an enhanced capacity for scientific assessment, monitoring and early warning. UNEP is implementing or participating in several global environmental assessments, including the Global International Waters Assessment, the Global Environment Monitoring System Freshwater Quality Programme and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

Human-induced environmental change has accelerated over the last three decades, as is illustrated in UNEP's flag-ship Global Environment Outlook reports. For this reason, UNEP's Governing Council initiated a process to strengthen the scientific base of UNEP, referred to as the Science Initiative.


Science Initiative
The Science Initiative is established to identify gaps and needs in the current assessment structure. more..

UNEP Year Book 2009
The UNEP Year Book 2009 presents work in progress on scientific
understanding of global environmental change, as well as foresight
about possible issues on the horizon. more..
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