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Resources and related Organizations

The Global Mercury Forum is online at www.globalmercuryforum.org

United Nations Environment Programme Global Mercury Assessment Report. For more information visit http://www.chem.unep.ch/mercury/

FACOME - Amazonian Forum on Mercury Contamination of Ecosystems (in Portugese, French and English)

CASM - Communities and Small-Scale Mining is an initiative to reduce poverty by supporting integrated sustainable development of communities affected by or involved in artisanal and small-scale mining in developing countries. http://www.casmsite.org 

CIFEG - International Center for Training and Exchanges in Geosciences

COMERN - Collaborative Mercury Research Network
An ecosystem approach for the study of mercury pathways in the Canadian environment

GECO - South American based group dedicated to sharing information relating to mercury and Artisanal Mining (previouslly known as Hg-net)

US Environmental Protection Agency Mercury Web Site - An general but extensive mercury knowledge resource.

The Mercury Policy Project - This NGO promotes policies to eliminate mercury uses, reduce the export and trafficking of mercury, and significantly reduce mercury exposures at the local, national, and international levels.  It is updated regularly.