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Adopted 14 February 1990, having regard to Article 13,  Paragraph b) of the Helsinki Convention



RECALLING the provisions of the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area,

RECALLING ALSO the determination of the Ministers, responsible for the environmental protection of the Baltic Sea Area, to cooperate within appropriate  international bodies to promote the development of environmentally sound standards of marine fuels,

BEING AWARE of the impact from polluted air on the marine environment, directly and via the atmosphere,

BEING CONVINCED that international cooperation in order to arrive at globally effective measures for minimizing air pollution from ships is the most efficient means,

EXPRESSING concern for the present state and the development of exhaust emissions, ventilation from cargo tanks and the use of substances, known to affect the ozone layer, on board ships,

RECOMMENDS that the Governments of the Contracting Parties to the Helsinki Convention cooperate within the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to promote early and effective global measures for minimizing air pollution from ships, including in particular decisions on reduction objectives and target dates, and to take actions

a)         to limit to an environmentally acceptable level as soon as possible the emission of harmful components in exhaust gases by way of:

(i)         developing suitable quality standards for heavy fuels, in particular concerning the content of sulphur, chlorine and heavy metals and including the prohibition of adding chemical wastes and;

(ii)        applying best available technology to reduce nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides emissions as well as the emission of dust and particles;

b)         to reduce as soon as possible with the intention of eliminating the use of chemical compounds on board ships which are known to affect the ozone layer, such as chlorofluorocarbons and halons;

c)         to develop as soon as possible suitable measures to control the emission of hydrocarbons and other harmful vaporizing fluids.