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Adopted 26 March 1998 having regard to Article 13, Paragraph b) of the Helsinki Convention



RECALLING  the Baltic Strategy for Port Reception Facilities for Ship-generated Wastes and Associated Issues as the basic tool for substantial decrease of operational discharges and elimination of illegal discharges in the Baltic Sea Area by all ships irrespective of their nationality,

RECALLING  also HELCOM Recommendation 19/7 concerning amendments (relating to sewage and garbage) to Annex IV of the Helsinki Convention and HELCOM Recommendation 19/14 concerning a harmonized system of fines in case a ship violates anti-pollution regulations,

BEING AWARE  that the development of waste management plans for ports is an efficient control measure of appropriate ashore handling and final treatment of ship-generated waste in order to prevent the introduction of harmful substances, stemming from such wastes, to the environment,

RECOMMENDS  that the Governments of the Contracting Parties shall ensure that waste management plans are developed for the ports according to the guidelines attached to this Recommendation, and

REQUESTS  the Governments of the Contracting Parties to report on the implementation of this Recommendation in accordance with the reporting format on the implementation  of the Baltic Strategy for Port Reception Facilities for Ship-generated Wastes and Associated Issues.



Guidelines for the Development of Management Plans for Ship-generated Wastes in Ports

1.       Aim and scope

1.1     These Guidelines provide direction for the development of a port’s management plan for ship-generated wastes.

1.2     The Plan shall contain, inter alia:

a) a detailed description on procedures for reception and collection of ship-generated wastes, and

b) general information on storage, pre-treatment, treatment and final disposal of the wastes concerned.

1.3     The Plan shall cover all categories of operational and cargo related wastes originating from ships visiting the port. Also the principles of ashore handling of ship-generated wastes shall be addressed in the Plan (see HELCOM Recommendation 19/13 concerning basic principles of ashore handling of ship-generated wastes).

2.       Designated person or persons in charge of carrying out the Plan

2.1     A person or persons should be designated in the Plan to be responsible for implementing it.

2.2     The Plan should address adequate training of persons referred to in 2.1.

3.       Collection of wastes

The Plan should list and describe waste collection facilities and their location.

4.       Pre-treatment of wastes

The Plan should identify the pre-treatment equipment and processes within the port.

5.       Final disposal of wastes

The Plan should describe how the wastes are finally disposed of.

6.       Provision of information

6.1     The Plan should describe the procedures of informing visiting ships about waste discharge procedures and arrangements.

6.2     Ports should keep record on the amounts of different categories of wastes received.

7.       Periodic updating of the Plan

The Plan should be updated periodically.