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Radio series: The Baltic - A Sea of Change


The international co-production radio series "The Baltic - A Sea of Change" was awarded the Silver World Medal in the ‘environment’ category at New York Radio Festival in 2004.

The series deals with problems of nature conservation and pollution in the coastal countries of the Baltic Sea. It portrays close interrelationship of the people of the Baltic and the marine environment - how maintaining natural balance is as important for people as it is for marine life. The series also shows peoples growing awareness of the fragile nature of the sea and examines how we can ensure a future for this unique region.

The series originally consisted of four radio programmes, each of 30-45 minutes in length. Three of them were presented at the Festival.

The basic concept for creation of this series was first proposed by the Helsinki Commission. With the financial backing from EU and HELCOM the radio programmes were co-produced by Deutsche Welle and national broadcasters from Lithuania, Gdansk (Poland), Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg (Russia).


Listen to the radio series by clicking on the links below:

Kaliningrad - "People and Environment in Kaliningrad"   Russian / English / GermanRadio Baltic Plus and Deutsche Welle  
Lithuania - "The Black Gold of the Baltic Sea - How Lithuanians Live with the Threat of Oil Pollution"   Lithuanian / English / German   Radio Lithuania and Deutsche Welle   
Poland - "Our Little Baltic Sea"   Polish / English / German   Radio Gdansk and Deutsche Welle   
St.Petersburg - "St.Petersburg - A Difficult Road to a Clean Future"   Russian / English / German  OAO GTRK and Deutsche Welle    


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