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  Fishing Practices Special Study -- [FPSS] -- Final Reports
Lang.| No. |Author, Date, Title
En1Lindley, R. . 2000. The fishing gears of Lake Tanganyika at the turn of the millennium. 157p. {in three sections}
Section A : Overview [31p. - 310K]
Section B : Detailed Gear Descriptions [60p. - 1.57Mb]
Section C : Appendices [66p. - 2.64Mb]
En2Sinyinza, R., W. Chomba, and R. Lindley. 2000. A record of the fishing gears of Zambia used in Lake Tanganyika at the turn of the millenium. 44p. - [406K]
En3Mabochi, H., O. Kashushu, and R. Lindley. 2000. A record of the Tanzanian fishing gears used in the Kigoma region of Lake Tanganyika at the turn of the millenium. 58p. - [496K]
Fr4 Mulimbwa, N., B. Byeragi, N. Mateso, W. Muyenga, M. Mwendanababo, and M. Milenge. 2000. Rapport sur la pratique de pêche effectuée en territoire d'Uvira en République Démocratique du Congo. 25p. - [293K]
Fr5Kiyuku, A. 2000. Les engins de pêche traditionnel du nord de Burundi en 1999. 36p. - [482K]
En6Lindley, R. (ed.). 2000. Final situation report: Fishing in the waters adjoining the National Parks bordering Lake Tanganyika [Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains, Nsumbu, and Rusizi.]. 37p. - [162K].
En7Lindley, R. and V. Cowan (eds.) 2000. Capabilities of lakeside fisheries institutions to monitor and control Lake Tanganyika's fisheries (Regional overview with individual country reports annexed). 6p. + appendices. - [2.13Mb]
En8Cowan, V. and R. Lindley. 2000. Fishing Practices Special Study - Advice to the Strategic Action Programme. 17p. - [71K]
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