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  Pollution Special Study -- [PSS] - Final Reports
Lang.| No. |Author, Date, Title
En1Bailey-Watts, A., C. Foxall, and K. West. 2000. Overall findings of study. 9p. -[32K]
En2Bailey-Watts, A. 2000. Summary technical report. 72p. - [213K]
En3Foxall, C., F. Chale, A. Bailey-Watts, G. Patterson, and K. West. 2000. Pesticide and heavy metals in fish and molluscs of Lake Tanganyika. 12p. -[48K]
En4Chale, F. 2000. Studies in Tanzanian waters. 20p. - [468K]
En5IWACO. 2000. Site assessment of TANESCO, Kigoma, Tanzania. 27p. -[223K]
En6Drieu, O., G. Hakizimana, A. Irimbere, C. Musanisoni, K. Tshibangu, M. Kamalebo, M. Mbemba, D. Bwebwa, D. B. R. Chitamwebwa, and L. M. Mwape. 2000. Pollution inventory (by country). 40p. - [107K]
En7Bailey-Watts, A. and A. Kirika. 2000. Standing instructions for the field, laboratory and data analytical and reporting activities of the Lake Tanganyika special study on pollution (eutrophication). 38p. - [167K]
En8I.F.E. 2000. Pollution and its effect on biodiversity [PSS] - Advice to the Strategic Action Programme. 7p. - [27K]
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