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Lang.| No. |Author, Date, Title
En1Roland, R. and M. Trudel. 1998. A training strategy for Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project. Report on a consultancy training needs assessment (18 May - 93 July 1998). p. - [K]
En2Roland, R. and M. Trudel. 1999. Report of a Training and Communications consultancy (20 Jan - 03 Feb 1999, Bujumbura). 43p. - [129K]
Fr3Trudel, M. 1999. Rapport d'une consultance en éducation environnementale. 62p. - [123K]
En4Roland, R. and M. Trudel. 1999. Report of a Training of Trainers and Communications Skills Workshop (03 - 21 July 1999, Bujumbura). 29p. - [93K]
En5Roland, R., and M. Trudel. 2000. Report of monitoring visit from January 25th to February 13th, 2000, Tanzania. 59p. - [179K]
En6Roland, R. and M. Trudel. 2000. Review and final report of the Training, Education and Communication Component of the Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project (Burundi, D. R. Congo, Tanzania., and Zambia). 35p. - [364K]
En7Cohen, A. (ed.) 1998. Nyanza Project - Annual Summary. 21p. - [56K]
En8Cohen, A. (ed.) 1998. Nyanza Project - Student Project Abstracts. 39p. - [162K]
En9Cohen, A. (ed.) 1999. Nyanza Project - Student Project Abstracts. 96p. - [580K]
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