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The Secretariat for Legal Affairs (SLA) develops, promotes, and implements the [Inter-American Program for the Development of International Law]; provides advisory services concerning international law and the development and codification of inter-American law; supports the follow-up mechanisms for certain inter-American conventions; serves as a depository and source of information for [inter-American treaties] and the [agreements] of the OAS and its organs; disseminates information on the legal instruments of the OAS and its legal programs; and provides other services related to inter-American legal cooperation.

The SLA and its dependencies and staff are under the overall direction, supervision, and control of the secretary for legal affairs, who reports to the Secretary General, in accordance with the legal system of the Organization and with the provisions of this Executive Order.

The SLA is comprised of the Executive Office of the Secretary for Legal Affairs and the following dependencies:

1. The Department of International Law;

2. The Department of Legal Cooperation (Technical Secretariat for Legal Cooperation Mechanisms); and

3. The Department of Special Legal Programs; and

The secretary of legal affairs, in consultation with the Secretary General, shall name one of the directors of the area to perform the functions of subsecretary for a renewable period of one year, in order to fulfill all the responsibilities and exercise the corresponding authority.

The Secretariat for Legal Affairs (SLA) performs its functions according to the [Executive Order 08-01 Rev. 3], and has staff in Washington D.C. and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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