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Attachment 6 workshop 1

The Principles for Creation and Procedures for Future Utilization of the Caspian Sea Mnemiopsis Data Base, (Caspian Environment Programme)

1) The Joint Caspian Sea Mnemiopsis Data Base (JMDB), created under umbrella of the Caspian Environment Programme (CEP), referred to herein is the data base that includes all the data provided by the Individual Sources of data (ISD).

2) The Individual Source of data (ISD) is identified as the Data Contributing Partner Institution (DCPI) or individual scientist. Individual scientists working in a staff of the DCPI will be identified as sub-sources of data only if they are identified as such by their own institution.

3) The DCPIs are: Caspian Environment Programme, etc. /for example, Caspian Fisheries Research Institute/.

4) The Data Base Executive Committee of the JMDB is formed by the Official representatives of the DCPIs and individual scientists signed this document. JMDB will be delivered to them in its entirety after submission of their own Mnemiopsis data sets.

5) JMDB will include proper and full acknowledgment of the Sources of data for all included data.

6) The DBMS will be updated and maintained by the Data and Information Management group of the CEP PCU. After the lifetime of the CEP, the Data Base Executive Committee will determine an institution or group of scientists responsible for this task

7) The first version of the JMDB will be finalized and passed to all ISD in February 2002, if data are submitted by all ISD in January 2002.

8) New versions of the JMDB will be distributed to the ISD depending on the new data submission but not rarely than every three months.

9) Technical reports describing the data loaded into the JMDB will be prepared / published under the authorship of the individual Sources / sub-sources along with each new version of the JMDB. The objective of such publications is to help the ISD and potential users of the JMDB to assess the amount and quality of the data available.

10) Data transferred to the JMDB by any ISD remain the property of this ISD and cannot be used by other ISD for any purpose (publication, report, presentation, creation of distribution maps, averaged data sets, etc.) without written permission of the data owner. Upon receiving of the permission, data can be used only with proper and full acknowledgment of the source of data. As a rule, the publications should be done in a co-authorship.

11) At the first stage, the JMDB will include only Mnemiopsis data processed according to the unified method and main oceanographic variables (e.g., temperature, Secchi disk depth). At the next stages, the number of variables can be extended.

12) Requests for full JMDB external to the ISD are subject to the approval by all ISD.

13) Any changes to this document can be made only with the approval by all ISD.

14) New ISD can be included in this agreement only at approval by all already included ISD.


V. Vladymyrov /Scientific Liaison and Information Management Officer, Caspian Environment Programme/
Official representative, AzerNIRKH
Official representative, IFRO
Official representative, KaspNIRKH
Official representative, organization 4
Official representative, organization 5
Scientist 1,
Scientist 2

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