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Bilateral Program Reports

implemented by IDRC

Canada-Belarus: Development of Belarus Basin Environmental Management and Control System

Development of an Integrated Monitoring System for Estimating the State of Biodiversity and Water Ecosystems on Protected Natural Territories in the Dnipro Basin
Annotated Only. This document dosen't have data in all the sections. The only available sections are "Introduction", "Annotation", "Project organisation" and "Conlcusion"
Development of GIS of Water Quality Management in the Dnipro Basin on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus
Establishment and Operation of Program Management office in Belarus
Annotated only
Establishment of Centre for Exchange of Water-Environmental Information
Annotated Only
Needs Assessment:Analysis of Legislation and Existing Practice of Resources Protection; Conceptualization Approaches to Dnipro Water Management and Quality Improvement
Results of the Second (Spring-Summer 2001) Expedition to Study Water Quality in the Dnipro Basin
Annotated Only
Specialized Expeditionary Water Quality Research in the Dnipro River Basin
In order to prepare an international program on the Dnipro River rehabilitation, on 2-16 October 2000, there were conducted expeditionary water quality researches into the Dnipro basin waters within the territory of Belarus Republic. This work was completed thanks to the grant provided by Canadian Agency of International Development through International Development Research Centre, Ottawa.

Canada-Russia: Dnipro Basin Environmental Management Development in the Russian Federation

Activities of the Russian Program Management Committee (RPMC) Office
The aim of the Russian Management Committees Project is to establish a support office for projects implemented as part of the IDRC Program of Environmental Management Development in the Dnipro Basin of Russia (EMDDBR) and the UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Program.
Assessment of Natural Groundwater Protection from Pollutants, including Radionuclides, the Russian Dnipro River Basin
Development of Computer Linkages among Government River Management Offices and Research Organizations Responsible for Environmental and Resource Management
Development of GIS Databases of Chemical, Biological and other Water Quality Indicators, Dnipro Basin, Russia
Establish Computer Linkages
Establish Computer Linkages among Government River Management Offices and Research Organizations Responsible for Environmental and Water Resource Management
Establishement of Stations for Environmental Monitoring of Nature Reserves Located in the Dnipro River Basin
Formation of Input (basic) Data on the Water Quality of Russian Dnipro Basin
Field studies on surface water quality of the Dnipro Basin will be g carried out as part of the Project “Formation of input (basic) data on the water quality of water bodies of the Russian Dnipro Basin”, which is implemented within the framework of the international Dnipro River rehabilitation program.

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