Catalysing Ocean Finance

The worlds’ oceans and coastal areas are an integral part of life on earth. They are under significant threat, whether that be from pollution, overexploitation, habitat loss, invasive species, or climate change.

Over the past twenty years, the UNDP and the GEF have successfully developed a range of strategic planning tools aimed at assisting governments to put in place enabling policy environments to catalyse investment for restoring and protecting the marine environment.

Catalysing Ocean Finance Volume I: Transforming Markets to Restore and Protect the Global Ocean and Volume II: Methodologies and Case Studies take stock of how effective these instruments have been in helping countries to address challenges facing the oceans and explore how they could be successfully scaled up.

GloBallast has been showcased in this publication as well as in International Waters – Delivering results for making a significant contribution to the global efforts in addressing the transfer of marine invasive species through ships ballast water in terms of catalysing environmental financing to support legal, policy and institutional reforms and significant private sector financing to develop technological solutions.