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Monitoring Guidelines

Cooperative Monitoring in the Baltic Marine Environment - COMBINE

The COMBINE Manual is directed to all performing monitoring in the COMBINE  Programme. The Manual defines the contributions made by all Contracting Parties and regulates all methods used. The COMBINE Manual is upadated and revised when there is a need for changes in the Programme content or for updating of technical annexes.

The  Pollution Load Compilations

All Contracting Parties should on a continuous basis collect data for the airborne pollution load compilations  according to HELCOM Recommenadtion 24/1. All institutes involved in the PLC-Air monitoring should, wherever possible, use the procedures for sampling, analysis and quality assurance and control contained in the EMEP Manual for Sampling and Analysis and otherwise use procedures that have been recommended in other relevant international fora.  The mandatory programme is decribed in Attachment 1 of the Recommendation.  

The monitoring of the waterborne pollution load is carried out according to PLC-Water Guidelines. The HELCOM Project for preparation of the Fifth Baltic Sea Pollution Load Compilation (PLC-5) has produced new Guidelines which should be followed when carrying out the PLC-5.  The previous compilation,  the 4th Pollution Load Compilation, was carried out by the PLC-4 Guidelines.

Monitoring of radioactive substances

HELCOM MONAS 7/2004 approved the Guidelines for Monitoring of Radioactive Substances for discharges and radioactivity in the marine environment.

Monitoring and Assessment Strategy

The HELCOM Monioring and Assessment Strategy sets out the basis for how the HELCOM Contracting States commit themselves to carry out their national monitoring programmes and work together to produce joint assessments.

Data and information Strategy

The principles for collecting, handling and release of data submitted by the Contracting Parties for HELCOM monitoring programmes is described in the Data and information Strategy of the Helsinki Commission.


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