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GEF Ningbo Cixi Wetland Project

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Implementing Agency Contacts:

Name: Mr. Greg J Browder
Title: Water Resources Specialist

Project Coordination Unit:

Name: Ms. Xu Xu
Title: Project Director
Telephone: +86-574-8728 0409
Fax: +86-574 8728 0430
Xu Xu
Project Director
电话: +86-574-8728 0409
传真: +86-574 8728 0430


Name: Mr. Li Zhibo
Title: External Liaison Officer
Address: 91 North-Jiefang St. Ningbo, China
Telephone: +86-574 8718 6863
Fax: +86-574 8736 7370


Li Zhibo Business Card

Name: Mr. Zha Wentao
Title: Vice Director, Garden Master
Address: The Premier Construction Office of Cixi Ningbo GEF Wetland Project,
#458 Sanbei Road Cixi, China
Telephone: +86-574 6303 8582
Fax: +86-574 6302 9026

Zha Wentao Business Card (zh)