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Working For Health
World Health Day 2006
April 7

Trabajando por la Salud
Día Mundial de la Salud
7 de abril

Travailler pour la Santé
Journée mondiale de la Santé
7 avril

Trabalhando para a saúde
Dia Mundial da Saúde
7 de abril

A Video Tribute to Health Workers
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This year, the annual World Health Day celebration will honor health workers – the most valuable resources we have for health. The Pan American Health Organization and countries throughout the Americas will join the World Health Organization in observing World Health Day with events throughout the week of April 3-7, ending with a special session on Friday, April 7.

Este año, la celebración anual del Día Mundial de la Salud honrará a los trabajadores de salud – los recursos más valiosos que tenemos para nuestra salud. La Organización Panamericana de la Salud y los países en las Américas se asociarán a la Organización Mundial de la Salud para festejar el Día Mundial de la Salud el viernes, 7 de abril, continuando con diversos eventos durante "La Semana de la Salud en las Américas" (7-14 de abril).

Cette année, la célébration annuelle de la Journée mondiale de la Santé honorera le personnel sanitaire - la ressource la plus inestimable que nous prenons pour notre santé. L'Organisation panaméricaine de la Santé et les pays des Amériques se joindront à l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé en célébrant la Journée mondiale de la Santé le vendredi 7 avril, avec d'autres événements durant la semaine de 3-7 avril.

Este ano, a celebração anual do Dia Mundial da Saúde honrará os recursos mais valiosos que temos para a nossa saúde: os profissionais de saúde. A Organização Pan-Americana da Saúde e os países das Américas se associarão à Organização Mundial da Saúde para comemorar o Dia Mundial da Saúde com eventos em toda a semana de 3 a 7 de abril, culminando com uma sessão especial na sexta-feira, dia 7 de abril.

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"Contributions of human resources to health"
Tuesday April 4, 2006   -   Coordinator: Silvina Malvarez

Technical/Background Information

World Health Day 2006 Page
on WHO's Web Site

Everyday Heroes: Celebrating the Contribution of Health Workers

An important part of this week of health is the recognition of Everyday Heroes. We encourage local communities and national governments to select small teams throughout the country who exemplify the diverse and hard-working health care providers.

We are encouraging the countries to select teams of individuals who otherwise would not receive any recognition or notice. We would like to underscore that this year we will focus our attention not on the high-profile, celebrated leaders that one thinks of initially as “heroes,” but on the everyday individuals who give so much and expect so little in return. The countries will select these individuals and teams and stage ceremonies to recognize them publicly in the country and internationally.

More Health Heroes (in Spanish)

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