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Watch Out for Upcoming Events (, from 02-Jun-2010 06:00 AM to 06-Jun-2010 02:00 PM)
11th Session of the IOC/WESTPAC Co-ordinating Committee for the North-East Asian Regional-Global Ocean Observing System (, from 18-Jan-2007 09:00 AM to 19-Jan-2007 06:00 PM)
SAP CONSULTATION (, from 06-Feb-2007 12:10 PM to 08-Feb-2007 12:10 PM)
2nd NOWPAP Marine Litter Workshop (, from 28-Mar-2007 05:00 PM to 29-Mar-2007 05:00 PM)
10th NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting (, from 15-May-2007 11:00 AM to 19-May-2007 11:00 AM)
6th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting (, from 24-May-2007 12:10 PM to 25-May-2007 12:10 PM)
NOWPAP Marine Litter Prevention/Control Workshop (and ICC campaign) (, from 27-Jun-2007 11:35 AM to 28-Jun-2007 11:35 AM)
EAS Congress 2009 (Manila, Philippines, from 23-Nov-2009 08:00 AM to 27-Nov-2009 06:00 PM)
The EAS Congress is a pioneering region-wide platform for capacity building, strategic action and cooperation for the sustainable development of the Seas of East Asia. It has been described as an intellectual marketplace whereby various groups all across the globe come together to share knowledge/experiences and engage in dynamic discussions regarding trends, issues and concerns related to coastal and ocean governance.

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