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HELCOM hopes this website will provide inspiration for anyone wishing to gain an insight into the environmental issues affecting the Baltic Sea - and for everyone interested in protecting our common sea.



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 Baltic News

rss:Baltic news

Latest HELCOM reports


Hazardous substances of specific concern to the Baltic Sea - Final report of the HAZARDOUS project (2009) (BSEP No. 119)


Activities 2008 Overview (2009) (BSEP No. 118)


Radioactivity in the Baltic Sea, 1999-2006 - HELCOM thematic assessment (2009) (BSEP No. 117)


Biodiversity in the Baltic Sea - An integrated thematic assessment on biodiversity and nature conservation in the Baltic Sea. Executive Summary (2009) (BSEP No. 116A)

Indicator Fact Sheets 2009 - describing the latest information about the pollution loads and the state of the Baltic Sea.   

Audiovisual releases about HELCOM and the Baltic Sea marine environment


 2_Mandart_DVD_label_mini.gif                             The Baltic - Sea of Surprises
This series of four 10-minute films presents the unique landscapes and nature of the Baltic Sea, also examining how this sensitive inland sea is affected by pollution and other problems caused by man. Click here to watch the films.  

1_FrodoLord of the Things - Quality Objectives for the Baltic Sea Ecosystem. HELCOM’s innovative and fun internet based public awareness video.  Download      


BALEX DELTA - Click here to watch a film about HELCOM Response exercise.

 5_polarani.gif                             Radio series "The Baltic - A Sea of Change" gets Silver World Medal at New York International Radio  Festival.  Listen to the series.

An elk enjoying a swim in the BalticWatch HELCOM film and learn abouth the trends in the Baltic marine environment, as well as successes and challenges in the work of the Helsinki Commission. Click here to watch the film. Contact HELCOM to obtain your free copy (9:12 min, VHS/PAL) in English.


The contents of this website are the responsibility of the Helsinki Commission (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission)

Information published on this website or extracts thereof is free for citing on  the condition that reference is given to HELCOM. Copyright 2005 by the Helsinki Commission (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission).

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The HELCOM information and communication strategy has been partially funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany and by the Danish Environment Protection Agency. 



Swedish_Prize.JPGHELCOM wins Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award

DSC06706web.JPGHELCOM Moscow Ministerial Meeting, 18-20 May 2010           

HELCOM Baltic Cities Summit
Moscow, Russia, 18 May 2010


Fifth Stakeholder Conference on the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan
(Helsinki, Finland, 3 March 2010)
NOTE: New materials available!

HELCOM launches online version of the Mariners' Routeing Guide for the Baltic 


Sub-regional risk of spill of oil and hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea

Control of hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea region

 Pearls-index-cover.jpg                                    HELCOM releases a  book on the Baltic Sea Protected Areas - "Pearls of the Baltic Sea".

Click here to read about it. BSAP_web140_4023.JPG 

The HELCOM Baltic Sea  Action Plan      - a new environmental strategy for the protection of the Baltic Sea             

Ministerial.JPGHELCOM Ministerial Meeting                   15 November 2007, Krakow, Poland

                                                      nefco_170x50_eng.gif Nordic Environment Finance Corporation            

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