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Valid Recommendations under HELCOM LAND

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Title Number Adopted Supplemented
by rec.no
Reduction of Emissions from Crematoria 29/1 05.03.2008
On-site wastewater treatment of single family homes, small businesses and settlements up to 300 Person Equivalents (P.E.) 28E/6 15.11.2007
Municipal wastewater treatment 28E/5 15.11.2007
Environmentally friendly practices for the reduction and prevention of emissions of dioxins and other hazardous substances from small-scale combustion 28E/8 15.11.2007
Measures aimed at the substitution of polyphosphates (phosphorus) in detergents 28E/7 15.11.2007
Amendments to Annex III "Criteria and Measures Concerning the Prevention of Pollution from Land-Based Sources" of the 1992 Helsinki Convention 28E/4 15.11.2007
Limitation of emissions into atmosphere and discharges into water from incineration of waste 27/1 08.03.2006
Reduction of Emissions and Discharges from Industry by effective use of BAT 25/2 02.03.2004
Reduction of Nutrients and other Pollutants leaching from forestry land 25/3 02.03.2004
Measures aimed at the reduction of discharges from Water and Marine Fish Farming 25/4 02.03.2004
Elimintaion of PCBs aND PCTs 25/1 02.03.2004
Measures aimed at the reduction of emissions and discharges from agriculture 24/3 25.06.2003
Reduction of Emissions and Discharges from the Iron Steel Industry 24/4 25.06.2003
Proper handling of Waste/Landfilling 24/5 25.06.2003
Batteries containing Mercury, Cadmium or Lead 24/2 25.06.2003
Reduction of discharges from oil refineries 23/8 06.03.2002
Reduction of emissions and discharges of mercury from chloralkali industry 23/6 06.03.2002
Reduction of discharges and emissions from the metal surface treatment 23/7 06.03.2002
Measures aimed at the reduction of mercury pollution resulting from light sources and electrical equipment 23/4 06.03.2002
Reduction of discharges from urban areas by the proper management of storm water systems 23/5 06.03.2002
Reduction of Discharges and emissions from production of textiles 23/12 06.03.2002
Requirements for discharging of waste water from the chemical industry 23/11 06.03.2002
Reduction of discharges and emissions from production and formulation of pesticides 23/10 06.03.2002
Restriction of atmospheric emissions and waste water discharges from hard coal cokeries 23/9 06.03.2002
Amendments to Annex III "Criteria and measures concerning the prevention of pollution from land-based sources" of the 1992 Helsinki Convention 21/1 20.03.2000
Approval of pesticides ("Plant protection products") for use in the catchment are of the Baltic Sea 20/2 23.03.1999
Antifouling paints containing organotin compounds 20/4 23.03.1999
Helcom objective with regard to hazardous substances 19/5 26.03.1998
Managing Wetlands and Freshwater Ecosystems for Retention of Nutrients 18/4 11.03.1997
Reduction of Discharges from the Kraft Pulp Industry 17/8 13.03.1996
Reduction of Discharges from the Sulphite Pulp Industry 17/9 13.03.1996
Basic Principles for Realization of BAT and BEP in Food Industry 17/10 13.03.1996
Reduction of Emissions from Transport Sector Affecting the Baltic Sea 17/1 13.03.1996
Reduction of Pollution from Discharges into Water, Emissions into the Atmosphere and Phosphogypsum out of the Production of Fertilizers 17/6 12.03.1996
Basic Principles in Waste Water Management in the Leather Industry 16/7 15.03.1995
Reduction of Emissions into the Atmosphere from the Pulp and Paper Industry 16/4 15.03.1995
Limitation of Emissions to the Atmosphere and Discharges into Water from Glass Industry 14/3 03.02.1993
Industrial Connections and Point Sources other than Household Connected to Municipal Sewerage Systems 13/2 05.02.1992
Recommendation Concerning Reduction of Emissions of Lead from Combustion of Leaded Gasoline 9/4 15.02.1988 17/1
Recommendation Concerning Measures Aimed at the Reduction of Mercury Resulting from Dentistry 6/4 13.03.1985