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Activity regarding evaluation of transboundary pollution loads


Addressing transboundary pollution originating in e.g. Belarus and Ukraine has been identified as an important action for HELCOM LAND.

The Baltic Sea Joint Comprehensive Environmental Action Programme (JCP) has identified 2 hot spots in Belarus, 1 in Ukraine and 3 in the Czech Republic and reporting from these hot spots has to some extent been realised. The HELCOM pollution load compilations include the total riverine input to the Baltic Sea as well as the source apportionment in the catchment area of the HELCOM Contracting Parties. The waterborne pollution load compilation does not however include data on the riverine load (at the border) or the data from different sources from non-Contracting Parties.

Thus, based on available data reported to HELCOM the evaluation of the significance of transboundary pollution loads eventually reaching the Baltic Sea is not possible for the time being.


The aim of the activity is to evaluate the pollution loads originating in Belarus, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.  The evaluation would include the assessment of the most important sources of nutrients and some selected heavy metals.

The work would include compilation of available information from these three countries as well as the neighbouring countries down stream. This would include the riverine load entering the downstream country as well as the share of pollution coming from:

-           Agriculture
-           Municipalities
-           Different industrial sectors


The results of pollution loads from Belarus, Ukraine and the Czech Republic would be compared to PLC-4 data on pollution loads to the Baltic Sea with the aim to assess the significance of transboundary pollution and the share coming from different sectors in these three countries. The complied information will be used to prepare a report for HELCOM 26/2005.

Based on the results, suggestions for further measures should be proposed and the need for more regular reporting of transboundary pollution should be considered.


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