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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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The UNEP is the GEF implementing agency for the Iullemeden project

About the partner:

UNEP Division of Global Environment Facility (UNEP/DGEF)

UNEP has a key role in the GEF, catalyzing the development of scientific and technical analysis and advancing environmental management in GEF-financed activities. UNEP provides guidance on relating the GEF-financed activities to global, regional and national environmental assessments, policy frameworks and plans, and to international environmental agreements.

GEF projects to reverse the degradation of international waters are informed by—and help to realize the objectives of— a mosaic of regional and international water agreements. These projects enable countries to recognize and learn more about the water-related challenges they share, find ways to work together, and undertake important domestic changes needed to solve problems. The three categories of water projects are:
1) water bodies;

2) integrated land and water projects; and

3) contaminants.

GEF Implementing Agency contact person:

Takehiro Nakamura

Acting Senior Programme Officer

UNEP:Division of GEF Coordination


Office phone: 254.20.7623886

Fax: 254.20.7624041/7623696/7623162/7624042

Sandeep Bhambra

Fund Management Officer,

UNEP /DGEF Co-ordination,

P.O.Box 30552

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 254 20 623347

Fax: 254 20 623162


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