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One of the key outputs of BIOSS is a literature database that draws together information from the published scientific literature, various surveys that remain unpublished and, in fact, any source of data on Lake Tanganyika's aquatic species. At the close of BIOSS, the database contains data from 144 individual references (including the entire dataset from the BIOSS field survey programme) adding up to 3473 species location entries.

The value of this database to planning and management will increase as more data are entered. However, the task of maintaining and continuing the data entry is onerous, given the extent and wide range of sources of literature on Lake Tanganyika's biodiversity. Unfortunately at the close of LTBP, funding to support continued development of the database is uncertain. It is hoped this will be a priority in all future work and that bodies with a stake in Lake Tanganyika such as the lakewide committed initiatied under LTBP, international researchers and relevant national institutions will allocate appropriate support to its continued development.

An informal relationship has been established to keep the database 'live' between researchers in Burundi and London: in recognition that this is not sustainable more permanent arrangements are being sought. People interested in the database should contact either:

Dr. Gaspard Ntakimazi
Faculte des Sciences
Universite du Burundi
BP 2700
Bujumbura, Burundi


Vicki Cowan
47 Prince's Gate,
London UK
Ph: + 44 207 594 9882
Fax: + 44 207 823 7916
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