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1998 Sedimentation Cruise

TanganyikaThe Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project sponsered a sedimentation research cruise on board the  R/V Tanganyika Explorer (Fig. 1) in January, 1998. This cruise was directed by the University of Arizona, under contract to LTBP. The purpose of the cruise was to collect bathymetric data, sediment cores (Fig. 2), and water samples as part of an investigation of the long term changes in sedimentation rates resulting from watershed deforestation and subsequent soil erosion, and the effects those changes may have had on the ecology of Lake Tanganyika. Cores

The cruise targeted both pristine and heavily impacted catchments. Cruise operations were divided into 3 legs of varying duration, working in both Tanzanian and Burundian waters of the lake. It was a truly international expedition, with participants from all four riparian nations, Malawi, UK, USA, and France.

Cruise operations, logistics and scientific activities all ran extremely smoothly on this cruise, thanks to the hard work of the many team members involved as well as the excellent crew. BurundiThe productivity of the cruise can be judged by the fact that our original coring plan was vastly exceeded successful and timely completion of the planned coring targets during all legs of the cruise allowed us to obtain cores from two additional deltas (the Luiche and Gatorongoro rivers) which were not originally planned for study (Fig. 3). Also the number of cores obtained significantly exceeded our expectations. A full cruise report has been completed.

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